Snipe and snark

From the bus today I saw a woman in what I thought a real style crime. Her yellow blond hair was tied in a pull-through ponytail. She wore pink velour joggers tucked into notably faux Uggs, a fur-trimmed hoody and over-sized sunglasses. But something about the way she walked, head held high, bounce in her step chimed with me. I realised that she felt a million dollars. I recognised in her the feeling I get when out in an outfit I’m particularly proud of.  And it didn’t matter what I thought of her ensemble, because it was making her feel amazing!

I wish we could all feel as good as she blatantly did about herself. Maybe the first step really is to stop caring about what anyone else thinks and concentrate on how we actually feel. Let go of all those who we worry are sniping and snarking about us behind our backs. Particularly those we don’t even know.


6 thoughts on “Snipe and snark

  1. One person’s fashion crime is another’s fashion dream! Plus, it wouldn’t do if we all liked the same thing, because then we wouldn’t look as amazing *grin*

  2. Very true, it’s hard not to follow the crowd, I like to wear ‘current’ fashions but in my own way and I’m never completely ‘with’ it! I am just waiting for the time to come when I feel as comfortable as she sounds.

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