Of days in lieu and Dylan

You know what they say of men and buses? Well it’s true. I’ve had a fella-heavy few days! I mentioned I’d been out on a dinner date Thursday night, which I enjoyed. Yesterday I took my lieu day for last Saturday, and met a distinctly dapper chap for an afternoon at Charlecote Manor near Stratford. Worry not, I took plenty of photos for you – it was a beautiful day, and I had a lovely afternoon.

Today, my third date… though this fella was rather younger than the others!

Christie brought Dylan to play, and we had a lovely day! Nat had arrived yesterday eve, and after a night of wine, Mexican food and 9 hours straight of chatter (we’ve known each other 9 years and still talk for 9 hours straight without even noticing the time – I LOVE that!) we were ready for a day of girly fun! So the three of us plus baby hit the Leamington charity shops with a vengeance (seriously, I’ve no idea how Christie plans to get two huge bags full of books PLUS a baby buggy off one train and onto another at New Street!) stopping for a couple of hours for a lazy lunch on the grass in Jephson Gardens around noon. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday! Thank you ladies. x


3 thoughts on “Of days in lieu and Dylan

  1. Love the dress/cardi/plimsolls look, which I’ve bee modelling myself this past week. Must invest in some red ones for Rubyshoesdays!

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