Fat days and thin days

Reading about Company magazine’s Pay It Forward campaign today got me thinking about fat days and thin days…

I don’t really have fat days. I have a fat life, and have done since I was quite young. In this I’m actually quite lucky: because I have never known any differently, I’m well-versed at dressing my shape. Watching How to Look Good Naked repeats on Friday night convinced me that I would rather never have been buff and beautiful than have once had it easy and suddenly find myself having to deal with the body’s natural aging process…

What I do have are bad clothes days, days like today when an outfit I felt great in first thing slowly wrinkles and rides and catches until it looks awful. These days are usually the ones on which I wear something for the first time and so don’t know it’s particular quirks (this skirt, incidentally, was Β£1 from a charity shop on Saturday, and apparently cannot be worn with tights/without a slip). And because I dress very carefully to miminise my size, the way clothes lie is of utmost importance to my look – hence I end up having an “extra fat” day (a “full fat day”??) instead…

Company’s Pay It Back campaign is a great idea. The theory is that you post a comment on their site telling one of your friends what you love about the way they look. Some of the commenters haven’t quite got the idea – one cites her friend’s t-shirt and shoe collection, which probably defeats the object – but the premise is good. But I’d take it two steps further. I’d suggest telling your friend the three things you love about her – to her face, in a text message, in an email, on her facebook wall… And then, I’d suggest writing a compliments slip to yourself.

Here’s the slip:

Dear (insert friend’s name)

Here are three things I love about the way you look:

(insert your three things)


(insert your name)

And here areΒ  mine (who says it’s limited to one!):

Dear Nat,

Here are three things I love about the way you look:

No matter how much weight you claim to have gained you’ve always a tiny waist. Your legs are killer. I covet your perfect round boobs!!

Love Cie xx

Dear Kate,

Here are three things I love about the way you look:

I am totally envious of your amazing wide smile – it makes me happy just to see it! You have fabulously elegant shoulders and collar bones (though you hide them, we got a cheeky glimpse at SS Atlantica!) which remind me of movie stars of old. And for the third I can’t decide whether to go with your sparkly laughing eyes or your rose-tinted skin, which NEVER seems to suffer a blemish… guess I plumped for both!

Love Cie xx

Dear Christie,

Here are three things I love about the way you look:

I envy your curls – the way your hair just falls in a perfect halo around your face, even on the days you complain that it doesn’t! You have fantastic legs in heels or flats and appear to have a washboard stomach even having had a baby! (Is that one or two…? Well, just in case… ) Your petite figure means you can fit into those vintage fashions the rest of us can’t get over our thighs!

Love Cie xx

Dear Lauren,

Here are three things I love about the way you look:

Your legs go on, quite literally FOR EVER. You have that wonderful model-esque look about you – strong features creating a traditional striking beauty as oppose to we mortals with our “pretty”. And because your body lines have softened lately you manage to hold onto that striking angular element without losing a softness – essentially you can carry edgy or feminine as you wish. Which the rest of us can but dream of!

Love Cie xx

Dear Cie,

Here are three things I love about the way you look:

Your hair never lets you down – even when the rest of you is cause for complaint you know your hair will keep that head held on high. Your waist is always in proportion, no matter how greatly you abuse portion control at mealtimes! You wear a well-turned ankle – despite the many breakages over the years! (I also like my elegant wrists, my high cheekbones and my English (Celtic?) rose skin… but I guess that’s another slip!)

Love Caroline xx


12 thoughts on “Fat days and thin days

  1. I love this and am going to send a few text messages right now! Also: Dear Caroline, I love your smile! You can look coy and demure AND Julia Roberts megawatt and both suit you. I love your little waist and your very dainty shoulders. I’m very glad we’re friends x

    • Aww, lady – I’m glad we’re friends too! Though it feels like ages since we had a natter over a glass of wine… good job it’s book club tonight! πŸ˜€

      Dear Roisin,

      I love your smile right back atcha! It has great depth and carries great warmth. I love your petite, compact little figure which works so well in a dress, and you have fabulous lean legs. I’m envious of your ability to walk EVEYWHERE in heels!

      Love Caroline xx

  2. I think I’d get really worried if someone sent me one of those, as I’d be expecting a big BUT at the end where they tell me some uncomfortable truths, having said some nice things first to cushion the blow! πŸ˜‰

  3. What a lovely post, and a lovely thing to do especially since all of us have one or other insecurity, to know that other people can see the beauty is great. I’ve never met you, but have to say I do envy your hair in every single photograph!!! πŸ™‚


  4. This is a great post, making others feel good about themselves is of course great, but I think it is more important to tell yourself what you love about you (however, I never do this, but feel I must start to thinking more kindly about myself).

    Dear Caroline,
    I love your hair, which always looks amazing.
    I love your individuality.
    I love your confidence in your outfits, they are so well thought out and co-ordinated too.

    I hope I get to come to more SMB meetings and get to know you better as well as all the other SMB ladies as I think you are all great!

    • I hope you wrote yourself a slip Zoe!

      Dear Zoe,

      I love your shape – with that narrow waist and womanly hips you look like movie stars of old – Jane Russell springs to mind… I love your long, lithe limbs, which elongate your entire frame. And I happen to think you have rather lo0vely glossy hair yourself!

      Caroline x

      We’re very happy to have you as an SMB member, and really looking forward to getting to know you better too! πŸ˜€

  5. Aw sweetie, thank you! What a lovely post – although I have to heartily disagree with the ‘fat life’ comments you have made. There is no way I would ever describe you as such. So, let me add my two pence worth . . .

    Dear Cie,

    Here are three things I love about the way you look,

    You’re figure is wonderful and creates great envy. You’re curves are something to be proud of and help in your endeavours to be lady like and graceful. These curves help you to create all those vintage looks you love so much and I wish I could copy your shape as well as your wardrobe! I love the daintiness of our arms and hands, legs and feet (this sounds weird now) but the delicateness of your limbs makes you look so poised and graceful – a true lady! Finally, your smile – it is infectious! Created from those tiny porcelain doll lips and those high cheekbones, your entire face lights up with life and happiness when you smile. You are a truly beautiful woman, and it hurts me when you can’t see it.

    Love you always,
    Nat xxx

  6. You made my day, Cie! Thank you so much. I think this is a fab idea! Oh and:

    Dear Cie
    Here are three things I love about the way you look:

    I love your dangerous curves.
    I love your glossy, beautiful hair.
    I love your amazing bone structure – your cheekbones are ridonkadonkulous.


    You rock.

  7. Ladies, you’re all gorgeous – thank you for your kind words, though I wasn’t really posting to get compliments back!! I hope you all sent slips to at least one of your other friends – and wrote one for yourself too! πŸ˜€

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