What I wore for tonight’s book club meeting. I didn’t manage a snapshot before I left this morning, and I changed AS SOON AS I got through the door tonight, I was so uncomfortable, so this will have to do you!

My train was late today, so I had to leave work late tonight to make up my hours. The bus that goes direct to the station wasn’t due in time to catch the next train out, so I got a number 10 and got off at the city centre stop… which just so happens to be opposite Aspire… I just popped in to see if they had the Scribble dress – which they hadn’t – and came across a lovely exotic print maxi in shades of turquoise and brown in my size in the sale! I promptly treated myself!

And then I stopped into Primark to stock up on hold ups and summer tights, before buying myself my first ice-cream of the season to enjoy on my way to the station. It was a lovely, relaxing journey home – a rare occurrence on the days I’ve been late…


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