Summer cravings: Maxi dresses

With the sudden onset of spring in the UK I suddenly find myself craving light, airy, feminine fashions to really emphasise my girly side. As such I’ve been scouring the web in search of the prettiest maxis out there. This is my personal wish-list round up.

Catherine Malandrino striped silk chiffon gown
£332.50 from The Outnet
This dress wins the prize for me, with its candy stripes and stylish neckline. *want*

Juicy Couture Sunflower cotton maxi dress
£225 £135 The Outnet
Still outside of my budget, but a great modern take on Regency style!

Lana Paisley Maxi dress in Blue
£27.99 Miss Guided
This one wins the best value prize – very pretty for something relatively cheap! Cute detailing on the bust.

Butterfly Maxi Dress
£80 Oasis
Perfect for those of us wishing to hide the ol’ bingo wings
– and a great transition piece.

Scribble Maxi dress
£69.99 Fever Designs
This might be the one I go for…
Loving those poppies, would look fab with a cornflower blue shrug.

1970s Arpeja Blue Sparrows long maxi dress
Ok, this one has actualy sold, but it was too pretty not to share!
It’s from Posh Girl Vintage, and you know how I love them!

1970s Jody T Patchwork maxi dress
$165.00 Posh Girl Vintage
Size: Medium (see site for measurements)
*LOVE* this. I was considering making a maxi, but haven’t enough of any particular fabric. This seems a good way around that particular problem!


10 thoughts on “Summer cravings: Maxi dresses

  1. I think I am the only person in the world at the moment who doesn’t really like maxi-dresses… as in, I don’t want to wear them. They look very pretty but I just can’t see me wearing them. That said, the stripey one is lovely!

    • I’m not convinced you’d suit a maxi to be honest hon… you’ve a fabulous narrow bottom half to flaunt, and anything so shapeless from the bust down would hide that. I think knee length dresses and skirts are better for you! 😀

    • You’re not the only one! I think they can look fantastic on other people, but I’d feel like I was wearing fancy dress in one, and because I’m short, I don’t expect it would be easy to find one that wouldn’t trip me up constantly and trail along the ground behind me!

      That said, Dorothy Perkins have a totally plain cotton one in a nice dark green which I’ve actually been tempted by recently, so you never know!

  2. Well, I love maxi dresses, and have bought a few in the past year or so. In fact, I’m wearing one today – it’s a good way for me to stay cool in the office without freezing my legs off on the train!

    Amber – I’m about as short as you are, I think, and for ages I thought I couldn’t wear maxis either, but they actually make me look taller. Just stay away from anything tiered or with that flouncy valance at the bottom and you might be okay.

    • Good advice Roisin! The lady in Aspire tonight said she couldn’t wear them because she was short too, so I passed on your words of wisdom. You always look so lovely in your maxis! xx

  3. That Maladrino dress is pretty! I don’t know if you have Target over there but Liberty of London has designed for Target. I just bought the perfect maxi dress yesterday for under 30 bucks. It’s long, feminine, and floral! I will prob post about it in the coming days:)

    • Oh, I wish we had Target over here – all my favourite bloggers (and Emma Pilsbury!) get the cutest clothes from there. Do post us a pic – I look forward to it! 😀

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