Freebie days!

I’m very excited to announce that I have a FREE Saturday this weekend – that is to say, a Saturday on which I have nothing booked! This is an event in itself, and has only come to pass because a scheduled event moved and I forgot to alter my diary… But whatever the reason, it feels like I’ve been given a freebie! I’m going to utilise my time well, most likely with a lie in, and by making a cover for the ironing board my Mum bought me on a trip to the tip shop out of the fabric Kate bought on our visit to The Make Lounge. Apparently it was intended for me all along because she just knew I’d regret not buying it one day. Isn’t she a sweetie! And aren’t I lucky to have such generous and thoughtful people in my life! 😀

I might also make myself a dress this weekend. While out with Nat and Christie last Saturday I picked up 2.5 metres of lovely blue Hawaiian print cotton for £1. At that price I don’t mind if I mess up a bit, so might experiment with one of my many second hand patterns and see where it takes me…


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