The first rule about hold-ups is…

…you do not talk about hold-ups. Or so it would seem. Because I can’t be the only one forced on occasion to wander the streets with one bare leg thanks to the whims of my hosiery!

I know I’ve blogged about this before, about the trials and tribulations of legwear that suddenly for no reason decides that it’s not going to do as its name suggests and “hold up” a moment longer.

For me it has always been a question of sourcing – Marks and Spencer and joyfully, Primark both offer styles with extra wide lace tops, two bands of rubber rather than one flimsy ring, and excellent stretch. But, just occasionally, even these fellas let me down. Whether an act of rebellion or whether they just give up, I don’t know, but there’s nothing more disheartening than feeling them make that slow decline down your thigh, knowing that eventually they’ll reach the point of no return and drop, pathetically, into a heap of skin tone synthetics around your ankle.

This morning I hadn’t time to stop every ten paces to hike them up, so just whipped the offender off until I got to the station. Where I replaced it, hoping it would last until I got to work at least…

And it stayed put for the entirety of the day! They really are perplexing creatures!


10 thoughts on “The first rule about hold-ups is…

  1. I really like that belt – is so pretty!! Explain to me, though, the benefits of holdups over tights? I’ve never worn them. I don’t know that I’ve consciously avoided them but I don’t think I’ve ever particularly fancied them either.

    • Breathing space, ease of bathroom access, lack of bulk around stomach – and they make me feel a bit ladylike and vintage without the discomfort of stockings! 😀

      • I’ll have to look into those. Ease of bathroom access sells it for me! That’s why I don’t get the whole romper trend. Do these women only eliminate once a day?!

      • You’ve listed the reasons I love hold-ups. Plus they prevent the rubber tyre effect you can can when your pants, tights and skirt waistband all gang up on you.

        Wolfords hold-ups get a huge thumbs up from me. I’ve a few pairs that are nearly 2 years old and still going strong. And the pair I wore to the wedding on Saturday stayed up from morning til next morning. Even through the… enthusiastic dancing to The Proclaimers.

  2. I gave up on a hold ups a long time back for that very reason, I much prefer a belt. Not least because it makes me feel all vintage 1950s too, and whatkatiedid do beautiful vintage inspired ones.

  3. I love hold ups for special occasions but only for short periods because the elastic leaves me with a sore mark that lasts for days!
    They do make you feel really feminine though.

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