A grand meander

Somewhere between our first and fourth glass of wine at the pub last night, Roisin mentioned that one of the fellas knew of a really lovely walk out to the pub at Hunningham, and that maybe if we could find a day several of us weren’t busy we could head out there for lunch or dinner some time. Being wonderfully free today, I asked whether anyone else was, and the outing fell into place as if a longstanding arrangement! Well, it was forecast to be 20 degrees today – sitting indoors sewing was never going to happen!

We enjoyed a lovely meander across open countryside, through villages, past churches and along the river to the delightful Red Lion pub. We didn’t hurry, and the walk took about 2 hours, but we were greeted with Fentimans lemonade (or ginger beer in my case!) and a very tasty meal – beer battered cod or beer-battered halloumi for the vegetarians amongst us, with chips and mushy peas. I tasted the halloumi, and while the cod was delicious, I think I’d go veggie next time – highly recommended!

There’s something so relaxing about a nice walk on a warm spring day. I feel tingly from the sun and country air, pleasantly tired and as if I’ve had a real break this weekend. What a way to spend a Saturday!


6 thoughts on “A grand meander

  1. Oh my, it does look lovely doesn’t it! So glad you took pictures – I’ve only got one of the church in Hunnington. Must do it again some time šŸ™‚

  2. If I haven’t said it before, i’ll say it now – I LOVE your style! Don’t change it, not for the world, because it is so wholly unique and inspirational – you are one classy lady!

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