Ruby shoesdays #4

I slept through my alarm this morning. I don’t mean by 10 minutes, or even half an hour, oh no; the radio had been blasting out for 44 minutes when I finally stirred. I hadn’t even been dreaming about what was going on on the radio, which sometimes happens. I was simply, as they say, dead to the world! Guess I’m more tired than I’ll admit just now…

So, to make me more tired (actually, to give me more energy in the long term, but you know what I mean) I’m about to hit the park with Roisin and Kate to work up a sweat power-walking. I am determined to feel a little less exhausted all the time, and fresh air, sunshine and exercise seem a good way to start. I was trying to organise a mass-walking activity, but people are so busy, we couldn’t find an evening everyone is free… so I’m walking three times with different people each time this week! Which has gotta be a good thing, no?

On another topic, brilliant Ruby Shoesday, people! Lauren, Amber, Fi, Cat and Roisin all remembered, I don’t yet know whether Fia made her usual yellow alternative offering but 365DaysOfStyle wore her orange riding boots, what with going riding and all… A quick reminder to the ladies to feel free to share their pics on flickr – plus major pats on the back all round. Seriously, good work ladies! Gold stars for everyone!


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