Cheeky PJs

I worked from home today so that I could go see my doctor about the strange skin on my inner cheek. The joy of working from home is the comfort factor, and I only got dressed for the trip to the surgery, stripping off my rain soaked clothes again as soon as I returned in favour of my night shirt, slippers – and a pair of leggings for modesty’s sake! As per usual, I think I might have got more done today than I usually do in the office. It helps being able to work in comfort!

The trip to the doctors was, by the way, a total waste of time. She took a good hard look at my cheek said “Yes, that is odd. You need to see the dentist – they do cheeks.” and that was it. I don’t have a dentist, so should probably fix that… In the mean time I’m not even slightly comforted, and remain convinced I have mouth cancer. Or possibly a very mild case of lichen planus, judging by the pictures on google images.


6 thoughts on “Cheeky PJs

  1. Don’t forget it could be the consumption! I love staying in my jammies on my working from home days, it’s one of the main bonuses of doing it!

  2. For heaven’s sake don’t self diagnose using Google. You will eventually convince yourself that you have Ebola. You should go and see Benefit they do cheeks, and, yes working from home is a whole lot more productive.

  3. Aaah, Google images as a diagnosis tool, that makes me grin. Once convinced me I’d got a really rare flesh eating thingy on my leg. Turned out be chilblains 🙂

  4. There I was, thinking you were dressed for Tesco! 😉

    Doctors like that annoy me: a few years ago it was just before everything shuts at Christmas and I had some sort of (almost certainly bacterial) infection in my jaw. Went to the doctor to get antibiotics, and when I explained the problem he straightened up and said, “Madam: I am not a dentist!”
    After some discussion during which I said yes, I would make a dentist appointment and get the jaw X-rayed he printed a prescription with the wrong name on it! Hopeless.
    And what did the dentist say? It was a doctor thing and no I did not have a problem with my teeth.

    Oh and btw, I don’t believe cheeks are dentist things. What’s next?: “You say you have a sore throat? As in that thing right behind your teeth – ooh, you’d better see the dentist about that…”

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