Wishlist: Christian Laboutin Poseidon 120 pumps

I know, every woman dreams of one day owning a pair of Laboutins. And, yes, I subscribe to the faith that believes a flash of red sole cannot be bettered in the shoe stakes. But that was a general longing, like the overwhelming desire romantic singletons have to be in love even when there’s not a soul on the horizon. These beauties have awoken a new yearning, a fresh tugging of the heart strings: I’ve fallen head over heels into a full on crush.

Lookit – they have scales! They look like they were made of golden mermaid tails. And despite the obvious bling, they seem to have none of the usual tack-factor gold shoes can emanate.

If you’re richer than I am you can buy them from Net-a-Porter for £750. But don’t tell me. Unless you live nearby, wear a size 6 and are willing to share…


6 thoughts on “Wishlist: Christian Laboutin Poseidon 120 pumps

    • Lol!! Ok, point taken, I was generalising. Everyone in my office is on your side too – combined with “why oh why oh WHY would anyone aspire to waste £700 on shoes”…

      I’ll try not to generalise in future! x

  1. LOL, Alysa, me too. If I were offered a free pair of LBs, I’d want those studded sneakers they make for guys, or studded loafers. I cannot be bothered with a heel that high! I’d be miserable, but they are pretty to LOOK at…

  2. They are lovely. . . perhaps you could try on a pair and take a photo of your foot which you can look at any time you like
    the thing with red soles is I’d be so concerned about scratching them so I could never wear the shoes.

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