May Day capers

I love bank holidays: they’re like freebie days, designed for making the effort to go out and play! As such, today I went on another outing with Dapper Chap, this time to 15th century moated manor house, Baddesley Clinton. This magical house comes complete with three priest holes – favoured hiding places of Catholic priests, persecuted in England following the reformation, built into the walls and roof spaces and boasting concealed entrances.

The weather seemed to be on our side – it was cold and changeable, but stayed pretty much dry while we walked the grounds and began to rain just as we approached the house itself.

If you’re local and considering a visit, as well as being a very beautiful historic building in delightful countryside, it has a lovely little secondhand bookshop, with mass market fiction paperbacks for under £1 and other titles ranging up to a fiver. There are bargains for the finding!


11 thoughts on “May Day capers

  1. Oh! Love the wavy hair and the elegant trench (fab cuffs!) and brolly! With you and the scenery looking so beautiful, Dapper Chap must have been in quite the daze all day.

  2. Your hair is even more fabulous than ever here! And what a wonderful place for a date, too – I’m definitely liking the sound of Dapper Chap 🙂

  3. Ooooh, Baddesley Clinton looks lovely! I’ve always liked the picture in the National Trust handbook – it’s in this beautiful dusky pink glow, truly stunning.

    Dapper Chap is doing some excellent work 🙂

  4. Playing catchup on my reader. I’m so behind.

    YOU LOOK FABULOUS! Love the hair. Love the coat. FAB, FAB, FAB!

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