Tuesday Cheat

This morning I woke up, looked at the outfit I’d laid out for myself and screwed up my nose. Opening my wardrobe door, I saw this dress, hanging unloved and unworn in weeks and remembered how much I love it. And I thought to myself, sod Ruby Shoesday – it’s my game, so they’re my rules, and I’m making up a new one! Yesterday, being bank holiday, was a red letter day, and I wore my red shoes. So today I’m granting myself a pass!

I do wear this dress in winter, but I don’t like it quite as much when it’s all layered up over long sleeved tops and under thick warm cardis. In winter too, I tend to wear it with warm aubergine purples, whereas in spring it really pays to draw out the dress’s coral highlights. It’s a true vintage dress, 1960s I’m guessing from the label and zip, and a brilliant fit for me. My only wish would be that it were full length – it’d make a stunning maxi, don’t you think?


9 thoughts on “Tuesday Cheat

  1. Hi! It’s Tuesday here in Oz and I wore my red shoes, but the photos I took don’t really show them well 😦
    Oh well, there is always next week!

    • Ooh – but well done for joining in the spirit! 😀 Feel free to add them to flickr anyway (click on the shoes to the right –>) as they might show up better on other people’s computers. 😀

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