Yolk yellow

It wasn’t until the train journey home tonight that I began to wonder what it was that made me pull this yellow cardi out of the wardrobe this morning. I wear a lot of red and a lot of blue, but what made me pull out yellow today of all days? Is there some subliminal anti-tory anti-labour message in my outfit choice?

I don’t know. I do know that this here is one of only two yellow tops I own, and indeed the only shade of yellow I’ve ever found that I could actually carry off. And let’s face it, that’s cos it’s more of a gold. Maybe mustard.

I hope all my UK readers have exercised their right today. The number of young people I heard say they weren’t going to vote while on public transport today… well, let’s just say it really wound me up!


7 thoughts on “Yolk yellow

  1. Love the yellow! I have only a couple of yellow items myself. It’s not an easy color to carry.

    I really don’t understand why people don’t vote. UGH!

  2. Pretty skirt (or is it a dress?), too 🙂 I only have one yellow vest top, I think – it’s a difficult colour to carry off, isn’t it? You work this one well.

    And yes. At the polling station for 7.10am. I can understand that some people feel disillusioned about their choices, but it’s so upsetting to hear them disenfranchising themselves as a result. They work for *us*! *We* give them power – why would you abdicate your choice over where it went?

  3. Lovely cardi! Brilliant shape.

    I had a “discussion” with the other girl in my office. We’re the same age, own/rent houses, earn the same wages, etc etc. Yet she won’t vote. I used the argument that we’re privileged to have the choice to do so, that women chained themselves to railings to give us this choice, and wasn’t that a poor way to repay them? Her argument seemed to consist of, “I don’t know anything about politics, and I don’t care about it, so why would I bother?” The thing is, I’m no know it all, but how can I feel I’m doing anything if I don’t vote? How can I complain if I don’t vote? Be positive if I don’t vote? The UK really does do a worryingly impressive line in apathy.

  4. You know I like the yellow cardi. 😉

    Is that bead or crochet detail at your waist. Either way, I like the texture It brings in.

  5. I voted yesterday and am glad I did. I don’t know a huge amount about politics either, and this is something that made me feel very anxious about voting but, as Carys said, if I don’t use my vote I lose my voice. It’s rare that we get the opportunity to speak up in this way, and it’s too valuable to lose.

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