Lost and found

Early outfit shot today, as I’m off to Nat & Steve’s for the weekend straight from work.  See the plaits? They mean that I woke up too late to blow dry my hair. But at least I’ll have shiny waves by this evening!

Do you bookcross? I do. Or at least, I try to. But those pesky and rude commuters I complain so often about seem to have radar that goes off on the rare occasions I need them to be rude and inconsiderate, a radar that compells them to chase after me to tell me I’ve left my book behind. The first time this happened I tried outright denial – “No I didn’t.” Which resulted in a back and forth “Yes, you did” – “No – I didn’t!” and could very easily have come to blows had I not given in and agreed to take the book with me. Since then I’ve taken to graciously thanking them before finding somewhere else to drop the book in question. I suppose good behaviour ought to be rewarded…

As I’ve become accustomed to book-crossing, I have therefore developed techniques for leaving books behind. As we were on the approach to Oxford station today I placed my finished novel on the seat beside me, under all my bags. When we pulled in I deliberately remained seated to ensure I was last off the train. I stayed beside my seat until people had begun to disembark, hiding the offending book from the view of the passenger opposite, and left the train in a flurry of bags and brolly at the very last moment. And I decided that, even if someone did call me back, I would pretend not to hear them. Thankfully, no-one did.

Why is it that people will collar you for leaving a dog-eared bestseller behind, but no-one chased after me when I forgot my black leather elbow-length gloves? It seems so wrong somehow…


3 thoughts on “Lost and found

  1. I used to book cross but I got fed up because it seemed that none of my books were being found. Perhaps I was leaving them in the wrong places.

  2. I like book crossing and the same thing happened to me in Starbucks once. I explained to the person that I had meant to leave the book there, and that they were welcome to take it, but the man just looked at me suspiciously. I think he was a bit put out that his act of kindness was unnecessary. I’ve picked up a few good ones that way too though, I got a few Joanna Trollope novels and a novel by Elizabeth Jane Howard the other day. My sister has a bookshelf in her cafe for it, and she has kind of combined it with charity – if people want to make a donation for their book they can, or they can just take it with them in the spirit of bookcrossing. It works pretty well, she’s had some donations of money and a fair few donations of books in return as well.

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