Crochet elbow!

Can’t really type much as I have crocheted until my hand has formed a stiff claw… I’m about to soak it in warm water to soothe it back into movement. As such, I haven’t finished my lovely blues blanket (though it is getting along nicely…) and my practice blanket is on hold until I get some more wool. For now it’s folded over the back of the sofa – until I get chilly of an evening and it ends up on my lap! It may be chunky and holey (I used a big hook) but it still does the job!


7 thoughts on “Crochet elbow!

  1. Oh you poor thing! I had the same thing when I made my granny square blanket and the one for my mum – I hope it feels better soon but you should be very proud of how much you’ve done, it looks great! x

  2. Honestly girls, you just need a bigger hook! 😀

    I’m much more excited about my beautiful blue one – wish I could keep going and get it finished!


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