Daydream desire

Don’t you just hate it when you spot a dress that you just can’t get out of your head, reduced in the sale, but not available in your size? šŸ˜¦

If anyone happens to run into this dress in a size 14 or 16, please snap it up for me! I’ll pay you back!

Fever Daydreamer dress: Ā£69 Ā£34.50


10 thoughts on “Daydream desire

  1. I tried to buy this (in a 16) in Feb, got the order done online, then got an email a few hours later announcing the last one had been sold in the shop in between my ordering it and them picking up their emails. Sad times indeed!

  2. Ooooh, I admired that dress for a LONG time. It’s a beauty.

    I’m having that problem with the dress Danielle wore when singing “Mambo Italiano” on Over the Rainbow. That dress is vintage styled 50’s perfection. I cannot find it on ANY of my usual 50’s dress haunts, and it’s killing me. I wish making it was an option….*sob*

    • I actually did a bit of a search for that dress on the night, but without luck. It was particularly beautiful wasn’t it?! And I have a red net petticoat that would look amazing underneath, should you wish to borrow for any of your hellbunny numbers… šŸ˜€ xx

  3. Ah I see I’ve been beaten to it , I just came on here in a flurry of excitement (sad I know), to post the same link , but as ever, I’m late to the party.

    Apologies for the idiosyncratic typing , I’m being assisted by my 20 month old who is randomly bashing thekeyboard.

    Zoe (a mostly silent observer ).

  4. Thank you ladies – I’d love to take credit for having hunted it down, or give one of you lovely ladies credit for being so generous… but it was actually Roisin who alerted me to it. She’s much better at finding Fever dresses than I am!

    šŸ˜€ x

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