Scent of a(nother) woman

I subscribe to the school of hair care that believes it is healthy to give your hair a change every once in a while. I always return to my favourite brand, but find that, after a few days/couple of weeks using something else, my hair responds somewhat enthusiastically when I finally return to old faithful. I’m currently working through my stash of samples to give my hair said break.

The scent of my shampoo is more a part of my overall “aroma” than my perfume. And just now I smell… wrong. Every time I flip my hair over my shoulder or run a brush through it I am met with a stranger’s smell. I have a habit of catching my hair up in a twist with a pencil at work: I find it concentrates my mind on the task in hand, and on completion, a celebratory tug results in a most satisfying cascade of soft waves and wafts of warmly scented air. But just now the warm air smells wrong, somehow…

It’s most distracting, and I don’t like it!


2 thoughts on “Scent of a(nother) woman

  1. Ha! How funny…I’ve done exactly the same thing in the last few days with deodorant. I’ve changed deodorant (by accident…chose the blue instead of the usual pink) and I kept thinking I could smell someone else really close…I’d even turn to look behind me…bit stupid when I was sat in my study/spare room!

  2. I feel your pain – I should smell like cinnamon when I flip my hair, although now I smell like mint, having changed shampoo. I even need to change my bed, as my pillows smell like someone else has been sleeping on them!

    We’re a funny breed, us humans!

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