Two outfit shots: what I wore for the pub, then my slobby saturday look
I had a fabulous time at the pub – great company, a great night!

Don’t you just love those days when things somehow fall into place? This morning I had a l-o-o-o-o-ng lie in, but still woke up early enough to get to the butchers and green grocers before half day closing. I was unusually unenthusiastic about shopping, but wanted to try out a few charity shops for a half-size cushion pad and a denim shirt. I found both in the first charity shop I tried, just down the road from home!

Every shop I went into seemed to be playing some nostalgic cheesy music choice, the co op proving no exception by playing “The Power of Love” – which, combined with a conversation had at the pub last night, put me right in the mood for a bit of Back to the Future. So I came home and made my cushion cover with Marty McFly for company! 😀

More on the cushion cover another time, but to see the bunting I created from the same pajama top nip over to the sew make believe blog and see yesterday’s post.


6 thoughts on “Serendipitous

  1. OMG what a truly gorgeous red dress… what is printed on it?

    I made bunting too before my camping trip, you can see it in a couple of my camping photographs, but it’s a great way of recycling random worn out pieces of fabric.

    • It’s kinda tattoo print – lots of different pictures. It garnered so many compliments in the pub last night!

      Ooh – will take a peek at camping pics and see if I can spot the bunting!

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