Mix ‘n’ matching

According to the weatherman, this is the week that the cold snap will break. No more ground frost on my morning walk to work, no more extra blankets on my bed, no more “coldest May nights on record” – and no more snow for our Scottish counterparts. So it only seemed fair today to give my Snow Maiden boots another outing – seeing as, according to the BBC they’ll be well and truly unseasonal by the weekend (and we all know that the beeb never lie…).

This dress always gets a lot of compliments. The mustard shade and unusual print make it worthy of comment, and a colleague noted today that it must be difficult to wear. In fact, it’s really not.

The stand out colour of this dress is certainly mustard. But the tones in the pattern lend to a huge array of mix ‘n’ match opportunities. Your simplest bases are there in brown, navy and white. Or, there’s that summer essential, tan, ready for picking out, or a mid blue to lift the tones… It’s a good tip, when buying patterns, to pay attention to the detail and not to the base – they offer far more scope for remixing.

If you look closely you will notice that I am actually – and quite bravely, for me – mixing my prints in this outfit… The leopard print belt is, however, inconspicuous enough that I didn’t feel garish – a nod to the trend which I wouldn’t have considered trying before today.

Discovery of the day: going without conditioner makes my hair look fluffier but feel so soft!


4 thoughts on “Mix ‘n’ matching

  1. I like this whole look. You seen to be trying out new silhouettes and styles lately. It’s a lot of fun. Just as great as your usually style. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous dress, it’s a great length on you. Try the belt over the cardi next time as you lose some of your shape wearing the cardi open like this.

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