The weather: a very British obsession

Apologies for the fact that I look rough – but I feel it. I woke up with a horrible sore throat and ears and feeling generally crappy. But, Ruby Shoesdays must go on…

My South African colleague recently made me laugh. She said that she had never understood why we Brits went on so about the weather until she moved here. Now, she hammers on about it with wild abandon, complaining, commiserating, extolling… every day is a new opportunity for comment. She has become as obsessed as we are.

It seems that this really is the week that summer may have chosen to arrive in the UK this year. I’m not saying it’s hot, because it’s almost never hot here (and when it is, we complain: the railway lines warp, the seldom-used air con won’t work, servers overheat and shut down…), but it’s no longer winter coat weather today – in fact, I’m not wearing a coat at all! (Though I am wrapped in a pashmina.)

I’ve said it before and it bears repeating: the weather has an enormous effect on the mood of the Great British Public. Today, the gentleman on the train beside me wanted to chat – about the weather.  The bus driver wanted to chat – about the weather. The woman beside me on the bus wanted to chat… you get the picture. Everyone seemed happy and care-free, people on the streets could be heard calling cheery hellos to one another, the world seemed a generally brighter place.

I’m crossing everything I’ve got that this holds until Saturday for my cousin’s wedding. Because that’s our other obsession here, the weather in relation to events. Weddings, festivals, picnics, markets, bank holidays, car boot sales… we’re consumed with desire for all events to take place bathed in sunshine. When I planned my outfit for this wedding, back in the heady days of April, I was labouring under that great British delusion that the minute May kicked in the weather would be glorious. This never actually comes to pass, of course, but throughout winter it is something we all come to expect. Because we’re nothing if not optimistic…

My optimism stretched far enough for me to build my outfit around a straw hat. And a girl simply cannot wear a straw hat in the rain.


2 thoughts on “The weather: a very British obsession

  1. I think once someone’s lived here for a while, they start to understand the obsession with the weather! It can have such a big effect on life here, no wonder we talk about it 🙂

    And I’m sure I’ve said this before, but that dress is just amazing on you…

  2. Haha I’m so obsessed with the weather too. It changes so much everyday here which I think is half the problem. I like your shoes, you can’t beat red and blue together.

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