I’m sorry, my dear readers, for my unexplained absence the last few days. On Tuesday I was struck down with a throat and ear “thing”, which then progressed into a complete loss of my voice, a delightful cough and finally, a bit of a chest “thing”. Suffice to say I have felt like crap, and pretty much slept for three days straight.

I called the doctor, who said it was a nasty virus that was doing the rounds and as such was immune to antibiotics, that I should rest and get in touch again if the chest “thing” got worse. Thankfully, it seems to be easing off today (although that might just be my overdose of lemsip finally catching up with me…) and I’m hoping a couple of lemsip will be enough to get me through the wedding tomorrow.  If nothing else, I have some pretty dresses to choose between!


One thought on “Apologies

  1. Hope you’re feeling better! I’m still reading your blog daily, although I haven’t commented of late. I finished my last chemo today and the radiation process will begin on Monday! It’s hard to believe this journey is almost over. I’ve kept your zebra by my computer, he has provided many smiles! Take care!!

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