Too many options

When I’m in a restaurant I often find myself incapable of making a decision. If someone asks me what I’m having I’ll usually have an idea of two or three potentials, but choosing is nigh impossible. So I wait until the waitress comes and literally let my choice pop out of my mouth. Sometimes it’s something so unexpected, it didn’t even make it onto my shortlist! I’m always satisfied with my meal though!

The same pattern applies to my outfit choices when it comes to occasion dressing. I have had one outfit in mind for Kristelle and Dale’s wedding since March now. On Friday it was so warm I began to wonder whether I might need to wear an alternative, lighter-weight dress. I tried both on, was satisfied with neither and ended up packing a third option. Which is what I ended up wearing.

You probably recognise this dress from the last two weddings I attended, although I’ve tried to give it a bit of a twist this time. I’ve replaced the wide lilac sash with a narrower green satin one, and sewed a black satin sash to the neckline to create a halterneck. And I still took my straw hat, although it was far too warm to wear it!

Ok, on to the wedding. I could tell you all about how lovely it was, how beautiful the bride looked (seriously beautiful, by the way – the four sisters in the Spelman clan are just stunning and Krissie was especially glowing and happy and radiant, as you’d expect) and how much fun the lanterns were… or I could just leave you with some pictures. And I know how much y’all like pictures…


12 thoughts on “Too many options

  1. You look faboosh! Like what you have done with the black ribbon! Very flattering. I have some strapless dresses that I would prefer weren’t strapless and this could be an option!

    x x x

    • Yeah, I’m not overly keen on strapless dresses in general, and this seemed a good way around that. It does have detachable straps, but they always look a bit cheap somehow.

      Get thess to the haberdahser’s and invest in some ribbon!


  2. You look lovely and I think it was the right choice. I’ve had a good look at the photo’s – what a stunning bunch the Short Grandchildren are. – I mean both sexes by the way!

    • They are aren’t they – I am sometimes amazed at how stunning the Spelman girls, Kirsty T, Krystina and Lucinda are – and all in completely different ways! And the boys are all handsome fellas too – obviously some strong genes running through somewhere…

      But the two that really amaze me are Aunty Wendy and Aunty Karen – they both continue to be beautiful year after year. I swear they’re not aging at all!


    • Thanks lady – I like “glam”! 😀

      It was a lovely wedding – and it’s always lovely to get all the family together (there are about 30 odd cousins of which I’m eldest…).

  3. Excellent outfit, you looked stunning, although I’m not sure I understand “too warm to wear a hat”. I guess, as an Aussie, sunshine = hats, and the warmer it is the more likely we are to need one.

    • Hehehe – I know what you mean, and if I’m out in the sun on holiday I always wear a hat – but it was making my hair stick to my forehead because my head was getting too sweaty underneath it. I think it was the thick straw nature that was the problem – English-made hats are seldom made with practicality in mind! 😀

  4. A bit late to the party but I also love the halterneck you created – I know what you mean about detachable straps and I’ve one or two dresses I could do that with too….good thinking! You looked fabulous, those colours are so beautiful on you x

    • Thanks hon! It definitely made me a lot more comfortable in the dress than when I’ve worn it strapless before now. And only took about 10 minutes to do. I do seem to have an excess of spare sashes lying around though – tend to take them off dresses but never do anything with them! xx

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