Nope, still not with it. I did wake up for the first time in over a week without a barbed wire throat today… so that’s a bonus. Still feel like I’m swimming through mud when I even try to think too hard though.

We had a lovely lunch today for my colleague Charlie’s birthday! She likes a bit of a fuss made, so we had a party on the roof terrace, with triangle sandwiches, sausages on sticks, cheese and pineapple on sticks, cheese puffs and pom bears, sausage rolls… then jelly, then brownies, then party rings and then…

…hedgehog cake!!!

chocolate cake, hedgehog cake, chocolate buttons

There was so much chocolate in this cake I was afraid I’d give half the office a coronary! We all ended up with smeared mouths and fingers… but I’m a firm believer in messy food!


4 thoughts on “Bleurgh

  1. Oh, wow! What a fabulous cake! There’s something about messy food that just really adds to the enjoyment, isn’t there?

    Love your skirt, too – looks lovely and light and summery 🙂

  2. The cake looks great and I really like your sandals too! I hope you feel better soon ma belle – I have earache and it’s making me miserable, because the whole left side of my head feels like I’ve got prickly heat or something, painful to the touch. Not nice! x

  3. I still can’t get over that cake. It genuinely looks professional! With all out baking skills, we really should set up a sideline in cake baking, hehe.

    Lovely skirt – I really like the colour. In agreement with Roisin, I LOVE your sandals – really dainty – mind if I ask where they were from? Sorry to hear you still feel rubbish – I’ve been off work yesterday and today due to the weirdest headache/dizziness/occasional sicky feeling….bleurgh. We’re getting old or something!

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