Things that made me smile today…

1.) My bus driver this evening: he greeted every passenger with “hello”. It doesn’t sound much, but if you pay attention to how many bus drivers actually greet their passengers rather than just glaring expectantly at them you begin to recognise how noteworthy this is.

2.) The Network Rail Guy who scoffed at my bus driver this morning: We were all standing ready to board, but the driver was delaying. Network Rail Guy (NRG), having his cigarette break, asked why he wasn’t leaving on time, and the reply was: ” No-one tells me what to do, not even the missus.”

NRG looked at him incredulously, shook his head, turned away and muttered a mild obscenity (which I whole-heartedly supported!) under his breath. I was pleased to note that the bus driver looked suitably abashed.

3.) The girl on the bus in the hot pink and lime sari: To start with, she looked amazing. But that wasn’t what made me smile…

I’m not the slightest of women. I know I’m not always the brashest or most attention seeking in the room, but neither am I a shrinking violet who melts into the background. So how this girl managed to miss my presence enough to sit on my knee is beyond me!

It then took her a good 5 seconds to realise she was sitting on someone’s knee… which may not sound long, but when you consider the sort of split second reaction you’d expect in such a situation, actually is. On realising her mistake, she did develop a most becoming blush though, and the whole incident tickled me pink!


6 thoughts on “Things that made me smile today…

  1. It’s funny how small things can cheer you up. I was cheered up today because the lady in Argos apologised for me having to wait, a little courtesy goes a long way!

  2. I was fundamentally cheered by one of my customers today, who berated his parent for coming in and crying on the shoulder of the staff.

    When his Mother said ‘oh these people don’t mind me not buying anything’, the child sighed in a long suffering way and said ‘Mother, it’s a shop not a counselling centre’.


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