Playtime, pleats and ply

Another lovely date with Dapper Chap last night, followed by drinks in the pub in the usual impeccable Friday night company! I had washed and plaited my hair on Thursday night so it was… well, voluminous, to say the least. And I gave my blue charity shop dress a much deserved outing. It was a good night!

Today my Mummy came to visit and we started on a very ambitious project, a heavily pin-tucked maxi dress. We got all the cutting, pin-tucking and thread-marking done, but it’s a huge task, what with all the pleating. Still, the fabric is delightful, the tucks already look amazing, and I’m determined to succeed! Here’s a sneak peek:

She also brought me a couple of presents, the Hairy Bikers’ Family Cook Book: Mums Know Best and an issue of The Art of Crochet with a free ball of wool and a fabulous pattern for a string bag! Another future project…


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