Busy busy

A pit-stop-outfit-shot for you tonight as I’m about to leave for an evening at Dapper Chap’s.

Today was HOT in the UK – and the whole country went “mad for it”!! My lunch time stroll to the local chav shopping centre was punctuated by skinny pasty boys, their horrible football shirts tucked into their waist bands (seriously boys – lose the football shirts, they’re not classy!), can of Stella in hand. It’s a shame eye-sores such as these have to ruin every British summer day, but I suppose that’s the price we pay to live in a free country. And at least, today being the first really warm day, they were still pasty white-chested boys, rather than lobster-red-raw-looking boys…

The other delightful side-effect of such weather appears to be on the mood of the girls in the office, who begin to swoon more readily over the young men of the neighbouring departments. The giggling started in the last hour of today, with a visit from a young Mancunian who had us all swooning in our seats. I’m almost certain that on any other day we’d take such visits in our stride, rather than turning into blushing, fluttering school-girls!

That said, he was a distinctly pretty fella!


6 thoughts on “Busy busy

  1. Erm… I spent most of the day wearing a football shirt. But they ‘are’ so lightweight in the heat. However, I did not loiter in a shopping centre or drink Stella. Am I forgiven? I did change into a white V neck T before venturing to the nursery to retrieve number one son.

    Are you looking forward to the world cup then? X

  2. I’ve got serious dress envy here – think I’ve been inspired to scout round some charity shops and seek out something similar, not that I actually NEED an excuse to go charity shop shopping…

    Spookily, I also call my fella dapper chap; he hates it though 🙂

  3. Ahh yes the lobster-red-boys clutching at beer cans, its one of the ways we can tell who is a tourist on the beaches here in Oz 😉
    (Having said that I got horribly burnt decolletage in Dublin after forgetting to put on suncreen in June – thought I was tougher than the Irish sun!)
    Glad you are having some sunshine. I too am loving that dress.

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