Secondhand shopper

What’s in a name?

It has come to my attention lately that the title of my blog doesn’t really encapsulate the content. Blogs like Secrets of a Secondhand Shopaholic, for example, show very clearly the ways in which secondhand shopping shapes their wardrobe. Since I stopped listing the origin of my clothes, it has been less obvious how much of my outfits are, in fact thrifted. Which does actually usually come in around three-quarters at the very least…

So, to clarify the reason behind my name, I thought it might be worth looking at the clothes I’ve worn lately – taking the outfits featured on the front page of my blog alone to demonstrate my point.

Too many options: May 23rd, wedding apparell

Ok, this is a bad example, being a dress for a wedding, albeit one I have altered, bought cheap and mended and worn several times already… BUT see the hat? Charity shop. See the red patent clutch? Charity shop. See the sash used to tie up the colours? Charity shop. So excluding the dress itself and the (rare) expensive shoes,  the rest is all secondhand. Which isn’t bad, really!

Sky blue: May 24th

Right, back to the land of day-to-day dressing, this is what I wore for work one day last week. Of this outfit, the dress and crochet cardigan are charity shop purchases. The slip was bought new, at the Flat Iron market in Chorley, and the shoes were a secondhand bargain from ebay (Topshop shoes – gotta love ’em!). One new item in four isn’t that bad!

Power Down: May 25th

vintage, St Michael, ruby shoesdayDress: charity shop.

Cardi: charity shop.

Shoes: Debenhams.

Nuff sed!

Bleurgh: May 26th

Ok, technically I didn’t buy this skirt secondhand, but it was a hand-me-down from my Mum, so is in fact a secondhand item! Plus, the cardi and cami are both charity shop buys. The shoes are last year’s Dorothy Perkins, also available in pewter, which I’ve been covetting ever since I saw Shoegal rocking them. 

Things that made me smile today: May 27th

This dress has proven a real staple in my wardrobe, not least because it is so effortless to wear. It was bought secondhand from ebay, and came with a denim tie belt which was put to good use on a tote bag project. The belt is Topshop, and was bought brand new in celebration of my first proper pay check in 2004!! The shoes are another Dorothy Perkins purchase (though at £5 in the sale they may as well have been a charity shop buy!!). Both belt and shoes have been worn again and again over the years.

Oopsy!: May 28th

The ebay Topshop shoes again! They’re something of a spring/summer staple.

This is an ebay outfit, but again largely secondhand. The belt came on a mod dress that didn’t suit me, that I shortened and sold on. The dress appears to have been handmade at some point, I’d guess the 70s. I love this dress so much – the pattern is divine and the shape is perfect for me.

The cardi, unfortunatley, is Matalan’s finest!

Playtime, pleats and ply: May 29th

The Dotty P’s shoes putting in another appearance here… Otherwise, entirely charity shop purchases. Cobalt blue 80s strapless boned dress, bought in a charity shop quite recently on a shopping trip with the girls for £6. We walked into this shop and I said “I never find anything in here…” and picked this straight off the shelf! That’s where the thrifting gods make their presence known…

Black satin shrug bought many years ago, grey leather belt bought on a grey full-skirted dress this year from a charity shop near work, and worn much more regularly than the dress itself!

Strawberry Tuesdays: 1st June

See – same belt again! It’s very versatile!

This LBD is actually a lovely broderie anglaise fabric. I have the same dress in turquoise and I love the fit, so when I saw the black in my size in a charity shop I snapped it up!

Cardi and shoes are both M&S, though – so only 50% thrifted on this occasion!

Shattered: 2nd & 3rd June

First up, 2nd June and an outfit which is practically all “new” purchases! The dress was a gift from my brother, Ben, bought new from a great shop called Triple S in Newcastle. The cardigan was bought in the Sainsbury’s January sale. The boots are very much secondhand though – my lovely 80s Snow Maidens which I picked up while out shopping for some great flat brown boots! They are one of my best ever charity shop buys!

And yesterday’s outfit. Ok, the skirt is shiny and new, but the cardi and body suit are both charity shop buys. And the shoes are Per Una, bought in a charity shop with horrible leather thong laces, which I replaced with bows!


5 thoughts on “Secondhand shopper

  1. I found your blog when I was searching for info about Get Cutie dresses and skirts, and I do like it when you list the source of your clothing. I find it inspirational if I’m looking for something new to wear, and often ideas about shops I’d not usually go to.

  2. God, you really do put me to shame! I am wearing (today) –

    Black cardigan from Sainsbury’s – bought for a funeral, unfortunately, but one of the most useful cardigans I’ve ever purchased – it had 25% off too!

    Summer dress from Tesco’s – again, I LOVE this dress, so pretty and cool in the warm.

    £5 leggings from New Look, and bargain £20 from £50 leather flip flops by Hush Puppies.

    I think the problem is alot of the stuff I find in charity shops is never the right cut or size for me. So, I become disenchanted, and stop going. I do need to try again though, because I am totally uninspired by everything in the shops at the moment….

  3. Very interesting, I love seeing other peoples charity shop outfits. You would be proud of my outfit today, I have on secondhand clarks shoes from eBay, a fantastic charity shop dress, and a Roxy cardigan, also from a charity shop.

    I have a lot of charity shop clothes and I try to shop ethically when I do buy something new. I try to buy fair trade and organic fabrics, this isn’t easy so I often have to wait for the right thing to pop up in a charity shop.

  4. I just don’t have your eye and like others get disheartened or overwhelmed when searching through clothing! However, I do have a knack with household items both in charity shops and car boots!

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