Pink dress = pub with the girls!

Fever Designs, print, dress

Can you get girlier? It’s pink, silky and has girls printed all over it! Ok, it’s not frilly – but I already get IDed often enough without being mistaken for a 6 year old…

Incidentally, this was in fact bought second hand. I wanted it from the Aspire website, but it was sold out. This one was bought on ebay from a lady who found it didn’t fit right… I feel that fate sent me this dress!

Moving on: I’ve not forgotten you, honestly, just find myself quite busy a lot of the time at present. Monday, for example, I’m suddenly off down to London for a training day on last minute discount. I won’t even be leaving St Pancras until 5pm, so have no idea what time I’ll be home, by the time I’ve crossed London, got a train out of Marylebone… I’ll do my best to write a blog post, but no promises!

Oh, just a couple of lovely things this weekend. I actually wore my new maxi dress round to Dapper Chap’s last night, but didn’t manage to snap a picture before I left, so will get one next time for you. IĀ  walked down to the station, and while I was attempting to coax money from the broken cash machine, a lady came running in. She came straight up to me and said:

“I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I just had to come in after you. We just passed you walking down the road and couldn’t help but notice your outfit. You look amazing! I had a dress exactly like that in the 70s. You look great!”

Then she left, jumping into the car that was idling at the drop-off point outside!

Today, Dapper Chap and I had a mini excursion into Knowle to visit the secondhand bookshop. On our way through we stopped into the fairy shop, run, I think, by a mother and daughter team. Dapper Chap was waistcoated and fob-watched, as usual, and I wore my blue dress and flat sandals. The mother of the team looked us over and said, “Have you been to a wedding? You both look so nice…”

Both comments made me beam!

Right: pub calls…


5 thoughts on “Pink dress = pub with the girls!

  1. You got the dress! Oh, I’m so pleased. It looks gawjus on you m’darlin!

    It’s so nice when someone bothers to stop and say how lovely you look – I’ll be honest, it only ever happens with my hair or skin, people never seem to realise they’re both real! It’s nice to know that people still pay compliments to someone they don’t know, it warms my heart šŸ™‚

    I am still so annoyed I couldn’t make it to the pub šŸ˜¦

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