Draper dress

Betty Drpaer January Jones Christina Hendricks Joan Holloway Peggy Olson Elizabeth Moss

You all know I’m a fan of Mad Men. You all know I love the whole look and feel, the stylings of the 60s, and that I have a mega girl crush on the uber-woman that is Joan Holloway. But just because I love Joan doesn’t mean I’ve no love left for the other women of Mad Men, goodness no! I adore Peggy’s wide-eyed naivity and determination to succeed, and I covet Betty’s wardrobe particularly her dresses…

Fever Designs Betty Draper

Fever Designs Sophia Prom Dress: £124 £59.99

When I saw this dress on the Fever website there was no doubt in my mind that it was inspired by Betty’s personal colloection. The colour, the fabric, and texture – all unmistakably 60s influeneced references.  AND it’s now less than half price!

Go, buy – you have my personal permission!


4 thoughts on “Draper dress

  1. Love it! I too love the style of the Mad Men women…except for Pregnant Betty. Thank the fashion gods that maternity fashion has evolved since the 60s! I would love to raid Betty’s collection of party dresses.

  2. The dress January Jones is wearing in the picture – I forget her character name! – is my absolute favourite. It’s just toooooo beautiful.

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