polka dot dress red shoes

It was NOT nice out today. Had it not been ruby shoesday I might well have ventured forth in my pink wellies: as it was I braved the wet in my red patent shoes. At least they’re waterproof!

(See – yet more proof that I NEED some shiny red wellington boots!)

The train gods were on no-one’s side, and after one cancellation due to train failure (a catch-all for everything these days it seems) the second was 15 minutes late arriving thanks to “water on the line”. In the winter we seem to struggle with “ice/snow on the line” (heaven knows how places like Russia cope in their cold months!) and in the summer we’ve warped rails to contend with (though India don’t seem to have the same problems!) but you’d think, of all things England could deal with rain! Apparently not.

Also, once the train did arrive to squeeze in as many bedraggled and soaked passengers as it could carry, we were all bemused to find the air con blasting out freezing gusts; exactly what one needs when already soaked to the skin!

Either way, I arrived at work at 9.15 as wet and miserable as a drowned rat. What a morning!


5 thoughts on “Torrential

  1. Don’t normally need/like/want wellies, but I feel I just might NEED those red ones with a bow, how fab. Yes, I am a shoeaholic, just ask my husband (he just doesn’t understand!) You SHOULD get them for your birthday x

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