Yesterday’s outfit. I felt too rough to contemplate a picture today!

Teeth. Hurt. That’s all.

Except, it’s not all. I’ve been quite lucky with my teeth thus far, never developing a fear of the dentist despite having 8 teeth out at once as a child and braces for what felt like an eternity… But over the last couple of weeks I’ve had some real discomfort, and never having had toothache as a child had no point of reference for how painful it could be.

It started at the tail end of the virus-from-hell (I’m still coughing now…) with a feeling of looseness in the upper teeth on the left side. I was so sure they were falling out, yet, within a couple days the loose feeling had moved to my canine and the one beside it on the left of my front teeth. The back teeth are now once again as firm and sturdy as ever.

So, I spent last weekend convinced my canine etc was falling out, prodding it with my tooth to feel a sort of light popping in the gum as if it were continually clicking in and out of place. It was sore, but not strictly painful… just odd feeling. Then, early this week the looseness moved into my front four.

(My canine, etc are now back to normal too!)

But now it hurts. I mean really hurts, an aching pain which feels like my teeth are being pushed out from above. It is so distracting, so sore, and I know that consistent prodding with my tongue is making the gum more so, but there’s not really anywhere else for my tongue to be…

At its worst, the pain extends up into my face behind my nose, causes occasional pain behind my eyes and in my forehead, and I find I can only really ease it with pressure to either side and above my nostrils. I spent much of today in the oddest position, my fingers splayed and massaging my cheeks!

Anyway, Carys, Helen, and Doctor Lulu (I’ll explain that one another time…) have all suggested it sounds like sinusitis, so I’m dosing up on vitamin C with rosehip and eating tomato soup and planning on going to bed at a decent hour. Like now, in fact…

Good night!


3 thoughts on “Toothache

  1. It could be sinusitis, it could also be neuralgia which is quite painful and definitely affects your gums and teeth. Take care, I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I suffer from sinusitis and it gets my teeth as well – it’s horrible because the pain gets everywhere inside your head. I hope you feel better soon honey x

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