I am actually feeling a little better today! I am a total state – I have puffy eyes with big black bags, my nose is running non-stop and making me sneeze and cough… but all of this means that the pressure has started to release, and although my teeth are still delicate, the pain is no longer unbearable. I put this down to a good steaming last night, followed by a saline irrigation. It got everything “moving”!

Sadly, one of the girls at work left us today. Barbara was an erasmus work placement who has been not only brilliant but utterly lovely to boot. In commiseration, we went out for lunch to a local restaurant called Fishers. As the name suggests, it’s a fish restaurant, and they do a £5 light lunch menu, or an £8 two course menu, both excellent value. We all had the £8 menu, and I had deep fried whitebait with tartar sauce for starter (nom nom!) followed by red Thai haddock with rice. It was all delicious – if I was local it might become one of my regular haunts!

Anyway, for all that I’m feeling better, I do still need lots of rest to shake this thing, so have a fun-filled weekend of NOTHING planned! I’m getting an early night tonight, staying in bed as long as I need to tomorrow, possibly nipping to the greengrocers and butchers but not much else… see you on the other side!


3 thoughts on “Fishers

  1. I think we all forget how important rest is sometimes – its crucial to our wellbeing and sanity! We’re so busy seeing everyone from family to friends, and fitting in chores, doing our jobs – we forget about ourselves. So good call on the quiet weekend!

  2. Sorry I haven’t been commenting much recently. Madly busy but have been reading and keeping up.

    mmMMmmm… Fishers is pretty much the best fish restaurant in Oxford. GOOD choice 🙂

    Rest well and hope you feel better soon.


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