Because “wish” doesn’t do this justice…

I just spotted this on Gok’s Fashion Fix and immediately looked it up on the Monsoon website. How Regency is this?! It could have just fallen out of an Austen adaptation!

At £120 it’s pricey, but it looks so beautifully finished, so luxurious and so timeless – bohemian is, afterall, always in fashion in some way or other!

I’ve been saving up points to convert into amazon vouchers to buy a Kenwood for months now and have more than enough… am now seriously contemplating blowing them all on this beauty!


8 thoughts on “Yearn-list

  1. That’s a really striking piece, and yet I can honestly see it turning up on the Monsoon sale rail in Belfast becauseof its individuality.

      • Depends how desperate you are for it. My last Fly shoes I stalked online and got them for a third of the price. My last Fly boots I bought as soon as I had enough money and vouchers saved up. I just wanted the boots a whole lot more.

  2. I think Shereen has a point – it’s incredibly unusual, not easily wearable in terms of over a dress (I’m thinking of your average person here, I hasten to add, I think it’s beautiful) due to the high neck, and I think most people would find the embroidery a bit too much. It’s just the sort of thing I can imagine languishing on the sale rail for a lot less than it is now! That’s the other thing – cost. It is a *lot* of a money for something that isn’t a coat or bag, ie, a staple piece. I would hold out for a wee while!

    It would look absolutely beautiful on you Caroline, I have to say!

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