Highly frustrating

This sinus thing really is very frustrating. I have tried everything I have been recommended to shake it – hot water and lemon steam inhalation, cider vinegar steam inhalation, saline irrigation, vitamin C, liquids, plenty of rest… While everything helps in the short term, the only thing that seems to have any real effect seems to be sleep – and that’s the one thing I don’t have the hours to commit to!

So, I decided I’m going to have to give in and seek out some antibiotics. This may seem the obvious answer, but from my perspective it’s something of a challenge to achieve. You see, in order to get antibiotics I need to visit the doctor. Our doctor is assigned to us by postcode, meaning that mine is in Leamington. And Leamington is a good hour (more in most cases) from my place of work. To visit the doctor I need at least a half day free, by which time I rather resent the idea of spending as much time traveling to and from work as at work…

So I really need to work from home for a day. Which is fine, as long as I get around to booking it through the online system, from which an email will then go to seek approval from my line manager,  who will have to login to the online system to approve the request and whose approval will then be emailed back to me… At which point I can get in touch with the doctors and see if they happen to have an appointment free.

See how much fun this is? And especially, how much fun this is when your head feels like it’s running with treacle?

There’s also my personal aversion to antibiotics to overcome. See, as a baby I was allergic to amoxicillin, and no-one has ever really fancied testing whether that’s still the case. So, whenever I need antibiotics I get eurythromicin. As a teenager I suffered repeated throat and ear infections, and got to the point where the doctor advised me that I could become immune to their effects, and if there was ever something really wrong that might need antibiotics to fix it, well, I’d be royally screwed. Fun, ha?

Anyway, today I gave in to the inevitable and booked a Doctor’s appointment for tomorrow. Because I simply can’t go on like this. I feel like I’ve been punched in the nose, and all the surrounding tissue right up to my forehead and down into my teeth  is bruised. I’ve a permanent taste of ick in my mouth alongside a film of yuckiness, and everything is “runny”. Oh and my nose is bright red from blowing it, my eye bags are swollen and kinda blackish blue, and my lips are cracked and bleeding from having to sleep with my mouth open. I’m slowly turning into a monster!


5 thoughts on “Highly frustrating

  1. Oh you poor thing! I’ve *just* made it back to work after a truly horrible fevery thing which had me shivvering under a duvet on the same Saturday that everyone else seemed to be barbequeing either *stuff* or themselves. Sleep was really the only thing that had any effect on me, too.

    Hope you get over your lurgy soon – I always think it’s somehow worse being poorly in Summer.

  2. If it’s any consolation, you’ve looked lovely in all your pictures!

    I’m much the same as you – brother always had sick bugs, I *always* had colds/throat infections. Two bouts of bronchitis, and one of flu. I mean actual flu aswell, not just a bad cold. I also appear to be developing some kind of a beasty throat infection as I type, my glands have started to puff up beautifully, which is usually the beginning of the end….

    While antibiotics may be the last straw (I spent a good chunk of my adolescence on them!) if they work, it will be worth it! xxx

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