Double dosage

I went to the doctors. She told me I was insane for having struggled on so long. She ordered me to buy 12 hour Sudafed and wrote me a prescription for Doxycycline antibiotics – apparently the Sudafed speed up the process – with which she advised against alcohol and insisted I understand the importance of avoiding direct sunlight and wearing sun block for the next 7 days. It’s like being a vampire!

So, I took the advised double dose this afternoon, and promptly fell into a deep sleep for two hours. I’m now thinking about something to nibble on before going back to bed – I had a slice of toast at lunchtime, but am not supposed to take these on an empty stomach. And I really don’t fancy anything at all.

The fact that I’ve got proper antibiotics to knock this thing on the head is a definite plus. The negative comes from the fact that the doctor explained that acute sinusitis was recurring, and that next time I’d have to get drugs at the first symptoms to keep it at bay. But, when I explained my working situation she put a note on my file for me informing future on-call doctors that I had been diagnosed with acute sinusitis and instructing them to write me a prescription for collection outside of surgery hours if I phone in. That is such a relief to me, and all that’s needed to make my life that much easier!

Such a difference to the other doctor I saw last time, who responded to my fears over the funny patch of skin in my mouth with “Yeah, that is strange. Go to the dentist – we don’t do mouths.”


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