Parasol promenade

In truth I had promised myself a sun shade for this summer anyway, but this whole “no direct sunlight” rule has really made me up my game in the search for the perfect parasol. A bit of browsing on good ol’ ebay threw up a veritable plethora of options – but these are some of my faves.

Cream Can Can Parasol by Guy de Jean

Ok, so from my viewpoint, Guy de Jean is the very pass-partout of the parapluie and these Can Can parasols are utterly divine. Unfortunately, £44.99 is beyond my budget. Even if, with an RRP of £110, it is actually a relative bargain! (The corset umbrella he designed for Jean Paul Gaultier is equally covetable, by the way, but I didn’t even spot a price on that one!)

The Edwardian-influenced umbrella parasol

A favourite for weddings, this all-weather option is just a little too wet-weather appropriate for what I’m looking for. There’s something about a parasol that should be whimsical rather than practical to my mind – it’s like playing dress-up and make-believe, and in make-believe it never rains! This one is all over ebay, priced from £12.99 upwards.

The Oriental touch

The traditional Chinese paper parasol with bamboo struts, possibly one of the first images that spring to mind when one thinks or the traditional parasol. This is the cheapest option, coming in at £4.50, but not something I would find easy to incorporate with my typical style…

Vintage style Battenburg lace parasol

This is what I have in mind and what I have my heart set on. A pretty lace parasol to ward off the sun and brighten up any outfit. There are dozens of these available on facebook, ranging in price from circa £10 to £15.99 and in every colour under the sun – red, purple, black – you name it. (Some of the more delicate laces in black would offer a perfect nod toward this season’s underwear-as-outerwear look.)  I haven’t yet decided whether I want cream or white, though I think cream would be more practical… But at £15.75 with free P&P it’s hardly going to break the bank!

Of course there are lots of other possibilities out there for keeping your skin in the shade. Today I have my frilled red gingham umbrella to keep the sun off, which, at £5 from Matalan, was a steal! You can pick up frilled umbrellas all over this summer (Aspire do some lovely ones, including stripes or polka dots by Bombay Duck). Or you could go for a very plain brolly but in a summery shade to mark the difference – it’s really down to what works best for your look!


2 thoughts on “Parasol promenade

  1. OOOOOH! I do like the design you’ve set your heart on very much, what a beauty. I would go for cream – don’t show up marks quite the same, and white can often look toooo stark in the sunlight. My two penneth there!

    I’m tempted to get one for my fair skin…

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