Fancy man: Matt Smith

I don’t get this one. Because last year, when they released this picture of Matt Smith, the new Doctor, I looked him over and came to the same conclusion as most women of my acquaintance: odd looking, skinny legs.

Yet, as his first season as the Doctor draws to a close, I can unequivocally state that I have a full-on crush on the fella. I now find him handsome, in an interesting and striking kinda way. It might well be the Doctor (although I don’t think he can take full credit for this one) but I find his intellect particularly alluring. And man alive, I dig that bow tie!

He joins a line-up of similarly surprising crushes on my “fancy man” list, including Burn Gorman, Alan Rickman and Hairy Biker Simon King. Well, there’s no accounting for taste…


5 thoughts on “Fancy man: Matt Smith

  1. I am so with you on this one – though he can never replace La Tennent in terms of quirky eye-candy. I did read an interesting description that attempted to explain the appeal of Matt Smith, which said something along the lines of how “he looks like a really attractive man who’s been hit in the face with a shovel.”

    Oh, and Alan Rickman & Burn Gorman – joy!

    A x

    (check me out getting my comment on again, I think I’m getting outta my crazy-busy hell – fingers crossed!)

  2. Rickman, Gorman, Tennant, Gareth Malone, Simon Pegg, Gene Kelly….I don’t fancy Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, any of the usuals – but a quirky man? Yes please!

    However, Matt has left me cold. I’ve tried four episodes now for him to win me over….nada. Now, his female sidekick on the other hand….hubba hubba!

  3. Oh, I love Matt Smith. Not in a sexy way, but I do have a crush on him for his strangeness. Must rewatch The Ruby in the Smoke to see if he does it for me in that too! Also, I think he is genuinely astonishing as the Doctor. I don’t feel quite the same love as I do for Jon Pertwee, but I really think Matt Smith is up there with the best.

    Carys, old Amy Pond don’t do it for me (and I love a redheaded woman usually) but I think it’s because she reminds me of someone who I really dislike, so I just inwardly (and outwardly) grrr when I see her!

  4. Aah, having just caught up with the penultimate episode of Who last night can I just reiterate what a bloody amazing actor Matt Smith is! I don’t want to pick on bits and risk spoilers for anyone else – but nice work, Matt!

  5. I’m so upset – that last Doctor Who episode is when we are on holiday and I have the distinct impression it will not be on iplayer or similar when we return! Not sure how this one will be resolved or how I will cope if it does not! At last Cie, I am a full on Dr W convert!

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