Of drugs, scowls and books

I know, I know, completely useless, less than useless, etc. I have no ‘new’ excuses, just that between the feeling generally dodgy and the side-effects of the drugs I’m really not feeling up to much. BUT today was my last antibiotic, so hoping from tomorrow to start feeling a little less… sludgy!

Not a whole lot to share with you, having spent the whole weekend in bed and having gone straight to bed when I got home at 5.30pm last night… Oh, except, I have proof that those fellas who shout at you in the street don’t really care what you look like, as looking and feeling like crap last night a fella still called “Hello gorgeous!” from his balcony AND followed my half-scowl of acknowledgement with “How are you this afternoon?” Either he was rather tenacious or I really need to work on my half-scowl…

At work today we had one of our regular booksales. I came home with £91 worth of books – for £7.50. Between this and my staff discount courtesy of Waterstones you can see why my flat looks increasingly like a library…

Finally, a quick request on behalf of my colleagues, if anyone would like to write a guest post for the Macmillan Dictionary blog on the subject of American English – whether an overview or (preferably) a regional take, it would be greatly appreciated! Hop on over to see the many and varied posts previous guest bloggers have offered. So far you lovely ladies (which, in the main, you are… ladies I mean – you’re all lovely!) have managed to provide posts about Irish English, Scottish English and South African English – I know some of my talented readers can pull an American English post out of the bag!


4 thoughts on “Of drugs, scowls and books

  1. Feel better soon sweetie! I have had the same thing when feeling ill – once, when I had the world’s most horrible head cold and a bad case of tissue nose to boot, I got followed down the street and asked out. My clothes were skanky too, heaven only knows how he managed to look at me and think ‘Yes, that’s what I want!’

    I think of that when I’m having a minging day and remind myself that I can’t be all that bad!


  2. Hope you feel better soon. Sometimes I have sinus and I feel like I’m just working with half my brain.
    And I think the guy was right, you look gorgeous even if you don’t feel it.

  3. that’s okay. . . you have to recuperate properly. . .then afterward your blog will be full of goodness, ideas, styles and what not

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