Bad medicine

George polka dot dress, pink cardi, Primark shoes

Two outfit shots for you, because I couldn’t even face my mac last night.

Ok, guys and dolls, want to know how not to get over a nasty infection? It’s real simple: try not to poison yourself. Got it?

On Tuesday I swallowed the last of my nasty antibiotics. I had been putting off eating the lamb chops I bought on Friday all week, as I’ve had no appetite at all, but decided I could put off eating no longer, and shoved a chop under the grill and some green beans and new potatoes in a pan of boiling water. Every time I went near the grill I got the whiff of something not quite right, but put it down to the horrible taste in my mouth and the horrible sinusitis rather than anything else. Also, lamb often has an odd taste when cooking, doesn’t it?

Feeling not especially hungry still, I started on the meat, leaving the veg in case I couldn’t face them. I couldn’t. In fact, half way through the lamb my stomach started to rebel quite strongly. I put this down to my barely having eaten solids in days. And then my body started doing that odd thing it does whereby it tries to stop you from either chewing or swallowing. Did I listen? Hell no!

This is how I woke up yesterday morning with food poisoning. I couldn’t hold down water all day, never mind anything else. My body emptied itself of everything it could, and the moment I got home from work I crawled (seriously – I’m not sure how I dragged myself from the station home upright) into bed and stayed there. My skin was sore to the touch and I was shaking violently. The only time I got up for a glass of water I was terrified I was going to pass out and bang my head and not be found for days… Ah the joys of living alone!

The good news is that today I feel considerably better. I still feel a little nauseous but nothing compared to yesterday, and I held down a banana and some grapes without a problem. (I wanted jelly, but M&S had sold out!) The rest of my nastiness has mostly cleared up – I’ve still got slightly delicate sinuses, and slightly delicate teeth too, but only on one side (two teeth). But I’ve got my appetite back, which is definitely the most important thing for me. Even when I feel like hell I’ve usually got a very hearty appetite – even if my throat, for example, is too sore to contemplate swallowing I still want to eat. Not wanting food at all actually scares me half to death.

Overall it is a vast improvement. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel!


12 thoughts on “Bad medicine

  1. Oh Caroline, how horrible 😦 And yet you STILL wrote your Fashion Police post today! I’m going to have to come over there and smack you, aren’t I? Seriously, glad to hear you’re feeling better – I really, really hope this is the last of your health woes for the year, you definitely deserve a break. (Just not in your leg, mind, or anywhere else!)

    • Ahh, but I didn’t manage my Fashion Police post Wednesday or Monday, and on Wednesday night I actually had feverish dreams in which my teeth fell out (unrelated, I think…) and you told me I couldn’t write for you anymore because I wasn’t sticking to schedule! :S I hope this is it for me too – it feel like I’ve been running at half speed for MONTHS (actual time: 6 weeks). Cx

      • Oh, lordy! Well, hopefully you know that in real life that would never happen! And six weeks is a looong time to be feeling ill – no wonder it seems like months!

        (I have the teeth falling out dream, too. Hate it.)

  2. Oh dear, you certainly do seem to be in the wars of late. I certainly hope this is the last of it for you. Just for future reference indian tonic water actually helps ease the symptoms of food poisoning. It’s the Quinine, it does work too I’ve tried it. I’m full of useless information.

    • Do you know, I wondered about that – didn’t know for sure whether it would help or hinder. I guess the clue is in the name – tonic! My Mum was recommending lucozade, as that was originally conceived as a medical aid too! 🙂

  3. Dude, how the hell did you get into work?! I don’t know whether I’m annoyed with myself that I could never do that, or amazed that you can! I have to curl into a small ball on the floor when I have food poisoning, I am good for *nothing* when I have it. Awful.

    I am glad you’re starting to feel better, you certainly deserve to my dear xxx

    • I don’t know how I got into work, and considering the number of times I bolted to the bathroom I’m surprised I didn’t get sent home. But as these antibiotics have been making me vom a bit anyway I guess they just figured it was a bad day. I did spend large chunks of the day in a toilet cubicle curled around a bowl 😦

      I feel So MUCH better today than I have in weeks! I might even be up to socialising again soon! 😀 xx

  4. My God Cie – when you get ill, you REALLY get ill don’t you?! What an absolute nightmare you’re having of it lately. It’s as if your body has decided one illness simply isn’t enough, everything must attach you at once. Ick to the nth degree and kudos for getting through the hells of food poisoning. So glad to hear you feel like you’ve finally turned a corner with this one though!

    A x

    P.S. – I have that same polka dot dress (quelle surprise!)

    • I think my immune system has just decided it has had enough right now. It’s trying to tell me to slow down, give it a break, stop working all hours and so damned hard! I need to give me a break now and then. I actually need to give up the Sunday job – regardless of how much I love it – but am only just now coming to terms with this and realising what a dent it will make in my outgoings. But I had my 6 month appraisal this week and the boss is going to go to her boss about my potentially working from home more often, which would make a HUGE difference!


      P.S. Well, it is a lovely dress – always gets compliments! 🙂

  5. Caroline, you need to push for working from home. When you’re making that commute you absolutely need it – one day a week or a fortnight even will make such a difference. I couldn’t have coped with this commute to London if it hadn’t been for that!

    I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling a bit better and a bit more up for socialising – we’ve been worrying about you! It will be good to see a bit more of you again.

    Also, can I just say – COLLARBONES? Yours are seriously elegant! x

    • Aww, thanks hon – I do quite like my collarbones! 😀

      I am pushing for working from home more often, and my boss is trying to make it easier for me to as well. I’m working from home on Tuesday, for exampe (because I have a dentist appointment, but I could anyway) and when the trains were delayed due to signal failure at Brum yesterday and I wasn’t in work until after 9am she said I can just call in and work from home when that happens in future. Like you say, 1 day per week would make all the difference to my early starts. And I get so much more done from home too!

      I’m sorry you’ve been worrying about me, but I really do feel I’m on the mend now. I think the antibis actually made me feel worse for a while there, but hopefully they’ve worked their magic in the background!


      • Good, well I certainly am glad you’re feeling better and you’re going to try to slow down a bit. I hope that you will be able to work from home more often in the future – in the case of signal failures etc it certainly is a much more efficient way to do things but mainly it is good for you. You don’t need to be in the office every day and your working from home days can be very productive (for example when I have budget and finance stuff to do it’s good to work at home to have the space to think about it) It breaks up the week a bit as well and you’ll be more productive and healthier overall.

        Looking forward to catching up with you soon, Lady C xxx

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