Full-length Friday

This is the fourth time I’ve ever worn maxi for work, and the fourth time it has been on a Friday! I don’t know why, but both maxi and mini seem just that little more casual than office-wear dictates, and so are relegated to the classic “dress down” day in my weekly wardrobe. Hence on a Friday you might catch me in a mini dress and flat boots, or in a maxi skirt and flip-flops.

I bought this dress on my way home from work one of the evenings this week that it became apparent I was going to arrive at the station as the train pulled out. The Carfax bus stop on the High Street is within sight of the clock tower, and if it’s 25 past or later I know I won’t make the 16.36. So, I occasionally take the opportunity to jump off the bus and check out Primark’s latest offerings. I went in with a particular list in mind – clothes for Spain including a super lightweight maxi, a pair of their £1 flip flops, a hoody (£5) and a basic grey support vest (£1.50), which I found. I didn’t find a casual denim skirt, a pair of sunglasses that I liked or a decent halterneck bikini top. Guess I’ll have to keep looking for those…

The dress was badly finished around the top, so I sewed on a band frill to neaten the edge. I’m quite pleased with it and, considering I love the fit, contemplating going back for one in another colour to which I could add some broderie anglaise embellishments. I think it could be really pretty!

This is my first attempt at a fishtail plait, and I’m really pleased with the outcome! It’s fast, very simple, and doesn’t leave the same waves that a regular plait does.

This second outfit is what I wore to meet Lauren for a glass of wine and tapas on the lovely new terrace of The Grand Union after work. I felt like celebrating the fact that I felt so much better, and garlic prawns, calamari, tofu-that-was-supposed-to-be-halloumi with olives and chicken wings seemed the best way to do this! Dapper Chap joined us after dinner for a drink too, which was a very pleasant surprise! The dress itself was a gift from the lovely Roisin and I absolutely adore it!


5 thoughts on “Full-length Friday

  1. I’m sorry I couldn’t join you both for a drink – I felt so skanky after my day in London all I could do was have a shower and lounge around. The maxi looks great and I am thrilled to bits that you like the orange dress – it’s just too pretty to have languished in my wardrobe and it’s a perfect fit on you, and the colour looks fabulous on you. Hope to see you soon my dear girl xxx

  2. Don’t know what fish tail braids are but seeing your side plait reminded me of my early days at bording school, I couldn’t reach the back so I had to wear my plait on the side; as did several of my friends!
    Love the dresses – each very different but both suit you perfectly!

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