I’m back!

Lookit: I blogged a few days in a row! And it wasn’t all about being ill! See how much better I am – I’m back in the blogosphere!

Yesterday afternoon, Dapper Chap and I decided to go on an impromptu jaunt into the countryside. Dapper handed me the OS map and off we went, with no idea where we’d end up! As we drove through Ufton he spotted the church and suggested a bit of a nosy, and as is my wont, I took too many pictures!

On the left is the church porch/tower, on the right, the market cross. This was a means by which large groups were prevented from gathering other than for bartering and exchange of goods. Markets were only allowed within sight of a market cross. As such they were usually placed on high ground for easy viewing.

After Ufton we drove on to Offchurch, to see the amazing church which claims to house Offa’s coffin. This fascinating church has links through the ages: built on a mound within a ring of yews it reeks of Pagan origins; The church itself boasts not only Offa’s coffin, but Norman elements, grooves in the stonework of the porch where arrows were sharpened, circular indentations in the tower, left by musketeers during a Cromwellian skirmish and all the expected Victorian alterations! It is also a conservation area, and so alive with flowers, insects and wildlife.

See the mason’s mark in the stone, above left?

We then set out from Offchurch for a stroll about the countryside, across open fields and back through the village via more than one stile from which I had to be rescued! One should neither attempt stiles in a maxi dress (goodness knows how Lizzy Bennett managed without a friendly gent to hand her down the drop!) nor a breeze in a straw hat without the aid of a hat pin!

Trees. I like trees!

Unfortunately I failed to take a photograph, but wore my new khaki maxi with my bowed straw hat. Dapper Chap wore his shirt open necked, waistcoat and fob watch, and a hat, of course. A couple of times as people approached (everyone we passed today smiled and greeted us – how lovely!) they looked startled and checked their surroundings… it was almost as if they were afraid they’d fallen through their very own crack in the wall and ended up in another era entirely!


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