Mouthing off

So I don’t have mouth cancer! I don’t even have periodontal disease! My teeth are not going to fall out, in fact, all I need is a good thorough cleaning, and because my new dentist has a self-confessed cosmetic bent, he’ll even throw in a de-staining for the cost! Clean teeth, here I come!

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the feeling that my teeth have shifted slightly isn’t all in my head. The braces I had as a child straightened my teeth, but they are starting to fight back and my “bite” no longer meets. As if years of delightful metal mouth wasn’t enough as a teenager, I need more braces. And just in time for my 30th birthday!

The dentist recommended I look at the Clearstep programme, which is the UK version of Invsalign. These are essentially invisible braces that will make my teeth all straight and lovely again. Not that they look wonky just now, but, as the (very lovely, btw) dentist pointed out, not all dentistry is cosmetic, and my back teeth weren’t actually designed to do all the hard work just because the frontal slackers are feeling obtuse.

The worst news is the cost. Clearstep come in a couple of hundred pounds dearer than the NHS traditional “train tracks”, but since we’re looking at roughly £2-2.5k either way I’m not even convinced there’s a question at stake. I don’t have that kind of money!

To keep my options open I have signed up for an initial £100 consultation, which will tell the dentist more precisely what the costs might be. Add this to today’s £16.50 check up and my upcoming £33 cleaning and this whole healthy teeth thing is turning out a lot more expensive than I thought it would… 😦


No outfit shot today as I worked from home, but in-keeping with Kate’s blog post on the matter I do at least have Ruby Toesday going on. And to add weight to the rapidly rising “good news” side of the scales, my annual health check at the nurse revealed not only healthy blood pressure, but a weight loss of 6lbs since this time last year! I myself am tempted to believe it’s due to the dissolving of muscle into fat, but the nurse was chuffed to bits for me! 😀


4 thoughts on “Mouthing off

  1. I had no idea there was a UK version of Invisalign – it doesn’t seem like it’s any cheaper, though, although if it’s like Invisalign, it will depend on what needs to be done, obviously. My top tray was much cheaper than the bottom one because it was just fixing a very small problem.

    There’s also the Six Month Smiles system, and Inman Aligner, which you may want to check out, although they’e more visible, I think.

    Good news that your teeth are otherwise healthy, though 🙂

  2. Dentistry is so damn expensive. Would it be too expensive to take out Denplan and then claim the work against that? At least it might spread the cost. Your post has reminded me that I am well overdue a check up!

  3. Oh no! You poor thing. Well, if the worst happens and you have to get a proper brace, I can vouch that it’s not all that bad. Bizarrely, I had my fixed brace removed from my teeth yesterday, at the grand old age of 31! So your post was a real coincidence.
    To be honest, after I’d had it for a month no-one really mentioned it at all and I pretty much forgot about it. I have a lovely boyfriend who reassured me about it too, which helped.

    Take care, Anne X

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