The denim skirt debate

Ah, the perennial fashion favourite, the denim skirt. I bet you’ve got one in your wardrobe, haven’t you? I have one in my holiday wardrobe – which is in Elena’s loft, where it has been since I left Newcastle as I last holidayed, in approximately 2006… I also have my denim maxi skirt, but it is of little use as a holiday staple in very warm weather.

In preparation for my long-awaited vacation in Spain this coming month I developed a list of must-buy items to create a capsule wardrobe suitable to take me from festival to beach. One item on my list was a denim skirt. Now, I’ll admit, I’m picky about what I want from a denim skirt. For festival wear I don’t want anything too conservative, certainly not longer than knee length, and not too full or frilly.Β  But neither do I want a pelmet – I have a sizeable rear and I don’t want to be flashing it! I really just want something I can pull on and off over my swimsuit!

Would you believe that, far from failing my expectations alone, Primark failed to supply a denim skirt in any shape or size? Indeed, most of the high street is short at present – I wonder, are they so unfashionable?

Luckily, the thrifting gods were verily upon my side last week, and a trip into a charity shop over lunch on Friday supplied a Boden denim skirt falling a couple of inches above the knee, neither too long nor too short, brand new with tags and all for Β£6! Sometimes it seems the planets are aligned!


17 thoughts on “The denim skirt debate

  1. People are so down on the jean skirt, but I really love them in summer. I basically wear it in place of shorts, which I think are the far more heinous fashion crime, or at least they would be on me.

  2. I’ve had a terrible time finding denim skirts, also. You know what else I can never find? White button down blouses. Or black ones! I can find them in every other crazy color, flowers, sparkles, whatever, but never white ones. And if I do find a white one (or a black one), they’re never short-sleeved.

    • I think my white button down blouse was from Primark – has short puff sleeves, and I bought two of them because I knew I’d not be able to find another easily! It’s always the “essentials” that are tricky to get hold of.

  3. Oh, I *love* this outfit! Everything about it is just spot on πŸ™‚

    I actually don’t have denim skirt in my wardrobe at the moment, but I’ve been thinking a high-waisted denim pencil skirt could be great for summer. Worn with stripes, naturally…

  4. Very chic! My denim mini cost all of Β£8 about 5 years ago from good old Matalan, and just seems to improve with age!

    • There were denim skirts on the Matalan website, but none in store 😦 and I always have to try on, I think because I’m an odd shape… I do wish I had my old faithful, although I’m not 100% sure it would fit anymore!

  5. You looks so cute! I love, love, love your jacket & striped shirt. The pop with the red purse is just perfection. Your new skirt is fab. Congrats on a great find!

    I had to go googling pelmet. It’s a miniskirt, right?

    Currently, my denim skirt is too small. 😦 I’ll just have another cookie to console myself over that fact.

  6. And, SPAIN!!! I’m so excited for you. I wish I could sneak into your luggage and come along. Did you know that I majored in Spanish in college? Although I mainly speak American Spanish and not Spain Spanish. HAVE FUN!!! Take lots of pictures.

    Seriously, I am really excited about this. I love to travel, and I want to come to Europe in the worst way. I need to get a new passport, and then find a way to pay for the trip. heh

    • Heee – yes a pelmet is like a micro-mini skirt, the kind that could arguable be considered a belt!

      I learned Spanish at school, but a lot of it has been forgotten now – am hoping a few days immersed in the tongue will bring back enough to get by…

      Come over to Europe and we’ll go out for afternoon tea or something. πŸ˜‰

  7. Ooh, I thought I’d commented on this yesterday, but either WordPress ate it, I’m going mad, or there’s some other poor style blogger out there wondering why I’m telling them how much I love their denim skirt and stripes look. Oops. Anyway, I do love this outfit: I actually *don’t* own a denim skirt at the moment, but I need to rectify this soon. I was watching a lovely, high waisted denim pencil skirt on eBay just before I went on holiday, but I forgot to bid. Must start searching again.

    Also, you’re going to Spain? I must have missed that, but suffice to say I have a bad case of post-holiday blues, which means that if I didn’t like you so much, I would be obliged to hate you πŸ™‚

  8. Β£6?! Excellent find!

    I used to have two – one, incredibly dark denim, just past the knee, from Gap. My one purchase from Gap, in fact! Was about Β£14 from an outlet sale type place – and I wore that bad boy to death! Pub? Denim skirt. Dinner? Denim skirt, heels, nice top. Out in town during the day? Denim skirt. It was perfect for numerous occasions! The dark denim helped, I think.

    My other was a pencil maxi one from Topshop (before it was shite). It was deep blue with two little pockets. I *adored* that skirt, and my one annoyance is that I saved it for special occasions, wearing it about a handful of times, until it no longer fitted me and had to be relegated. Devastation!

    • I have had denim skirts in the past that I’ve worn to within an inch of their lives. I had one, knee-length, from Dotty P’s with a frill around the bottom that I wore solidly through my second and third years at uni. I also had a long denim pinafore dress from Topshop-before-it-was-shite which was that indigo blue that was very popular in the 90s, also with pockets and a big pocket on the bib! I LOVED that dress so much, wore it until I really couldn’t get away with wearing it any more. I wish I still had it now…

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