I’m not going to write for long because, well, I’m frankly worn out! Waterstones was actually on the busy side today, with families clearly stocking their libraries for summer holiday reading – three books each for Mum, Dad and the kids. Which is exactly what we like to see!

On Friday evening I went straight from work to Dapper Chap’s, and lazed about in front of the telly being cooked for and generally spoiled a bit! I’d forgotten what it was to be spoiled… On Saturday we were up quite early, and went for a lovely three hour walk to make the most of the glorious sunshine. We got home just as the sun really started to beat down, had some lunch, and I fell asleep on the sofa, which just goes to show how unused to exercise I am! I then spent the latter part of the afternoon running around the grounds with the dogs, before collapsing with my book by the pond with an exhausted pup on each side of me! I was quite proud of myself for having managed to tire a 1 year old border collie!

I feel worn out in a really satisfying way, and am retiring to my bed shortly with Neverwhere, my current read. The nice thing about spending any length of time in the country air is that it feels like you’ve had a real break, no matter how short a stop it has been. When Dapper brought me home last night I’d only been away 24 hours, but had completely lost track of time – I could easily have been away a week!


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