Never google pasta

Oh dear. My work computer has a trojan. It’s a particularly nasty trojan, that no amount of virus quarantining or digging around by the IT guys can fix. It sounds like my PC is going to need an entire rebuild.

This particular trojan has hijacked my search function. Whether in firefox or IE, google or bing, it corrupts the search result and takes me either to a “server not found” error or to an either marginally connected (“the trainline season tickets” returned a very dubious looking “cheap travel” website) or entirely unrelated (searching for pictures of parsnips I landed on something about data maps, whatever they may be…) result. In trying to demonstrate this to the kindly IT gent who came to help me out I suggested he try the afore-mentioned “parsnip” trial. He misheard me and typed in “pasta”.

Which was clearly the magic word, as the next thing we knew we were both looking at pornographic photographs on the very originally titled F*©kbook.

It was actually highly amusing – because neither of us knew where to look or what to do or say… I mean, Gareth’s a nice enough fella, but I don’t think our relationship is quite at the stage where we want to watch porn together. And I’m not entirely sure what his wife would have to say on the matter either! 😀

So, my new motto for life is “Never google pasta“. I’m going to apply it to all situations from now on that might in some way be seen to tempt fate, or to take somewhat minor but unnecessary risks. Use it in a conversation this week – I challenge you!


2 thoughts on “Never google pasta

  1. Have you tried switching it off and on again?! (Been watching way too Much IT Crowd) I think “Never Google Pasta” is a fantastic mantra to live by 😀

    A x

    Loved your letter by the way – thanks sweet!

    • Hee – that was actualy the first thing I did! Then I phoned IT, who told me to switch off and LEAVE WELL ALONE as it could spread to others on the network!! Argh!

      Glad the letter arrived safely! 😀 Cx

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