The wanderer returns

I’m back you guys! Yay!:D

I had such a fabulous fun week – not many people enjoy the relationship I do with my brothers, and I genuinely enjoy every second we spend together – even the ones where we bicker like – well, like siblings really! We know we only do it when the three of us are all together, and it’s because we’re all equally stubborn, attention-seeking and eternally right. We can’t be much fun to be around as a threesome at moments, but 99% of the time we’re an absolute hoot!

So, what did we get up to? Well, there was sun:


Sea and Sangria:

There was also music:

And dancing:


A LOT of dancing:

And some snoozing between bands:

Fashion flew out of the window in favour of practicality – that is, staying cool and sunburn/heat-stroke -free in 40 degree humidity:

Highlights for me personally included Mumford & Sons, who I was most excited about and did NOT disappoint; a Spanish band we stumbled across called Ilegales, who provoked lots of daft dancing about; The Specials – who knew Ben could skank?!; and the amazing high that was Mr Rascal himself, AKA Dizzee!

Less impressive were: a relatively average performance by Vampire Weekend – good, but not good enough to make the highlights list; another average performance by Kasabian, which was also affected by the fact they’d somehow screwed up the sound system in time for the headline act; a last minute pulled act from Lily Allen, who I was rather looking forward to bopping to live; and an utterly abysmal performance by The Prodigy, who I’ve seen and enjoyed before, but was bored to death by and found to be unoriginal and uninventive.

Overall, though, a great holiday and a very much needed break! If I went again I would certainly book into a hotel, and would advise anyone against camping as there is no escape from the midday heat: we spent a lot of lunchtimes sipping water in cafes, soaking up the shade!

As far as food goes, Valencian paella is a mixed meat dish and rather delicious, so I brought back some rice and am now on the look out for a good recipe. In the festival itself the food was pretty good though expensive: particular favourites of mine were the vegetable Pad Thai and the steak sandwich with salsa verde – essentially half a baguette with half a cow inside! Also, being so close to the sea, I was determined to chow down as much seafood as possible, and enjoyed fried calamares and steamed mussels in various cafes in the town, alongside patatas al i oli and patatas fritas. I’m now at least twice the weight I was when I left, a fact proven by the lass who asked if I wanted to go to the front of the toilet queue, then answered my look of confusion with “when are you due?”

I told her November and skipped the queue! 😀

I leave you with a picture of Bobby and I at the airport, sporting our rather dashing and not-at-all farmer-esque hats. Bobby’s was actually Ben’s and cost €1: mine was a less bargainous but hardly bank-breaking €1.50!


8 thoughts on “The wanderer returns

  1. Good to see your photos – you and Bobby and Ben look so alike! I’m really looking forward to seeing you to catch up and hear all about it 🙂

    • I think we do, though lots of people can’t see the similarity between Bobby and I as much as Ben and I. I have lots more photos, but won’t bore you with those… 😀

      Def up for a catch-up soon – am meeting Dapper for dinner tomorrow but coffee/park natter would be lovely one evening soon! xx

  2. 40 degree….I think I would have had a permanent face on with those sorts of temperatures! Dancing would have been unthinkable….

    You though, m’dear, look effortlessly lovely as always 🙂

  3. Lovely to have you back Cie! Looks like you had an amazing time. I would’ve so feared that sun though – I think perhaps I may have resorted to wearing the tent as some sort of turtle shell at all times in an attempt to shield me from it!

    Much love,
    A x

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