Ok, so this is a cheat, a pic from last summer. But it is exactly what I wore today (with a cardi thrown in my bag for the office air con) and thanks to the mishap detailed below, I didn’t actually have time to take a pic before I left… So just imagine me wearing this, but looking a bit podgier thanks to a week of delicious holiday food!

So, I was very careful with my skin while on holiday. Near constant exposure to the sun left me in a permanent state of paranoia about skin cancer, blisters and general sunburn, and as such I liberally applied SPF 50 and 30 creams with ne’er a thought for their cost, slathering my body to maintain my porcelain complexion. It didn’t work entirely – I have a bit of colour to me, helped along by the fact that my freckles are close to joining together… but it did save me actually burning anywhere…

Except my scalp.

Yes, despite wearing my hat on the beach, I managed to seriously burn my side parting. When I say seriously, I don’t mean in the medically “serious” sense, but it did go decidedly pink for a while. Personally, I think the damage occured during my many swimming sessions, during which I was entirely unprotected aside from the continual switching of partings…

Having let Lauren ply my hairline with after sun for the duration of the week, I was gutted, on my return, to realise that I had nothing to moisturise with before bed last night. So I grabbed for old faithful, the bathroom cabinet tub of vaseline.

Big mistake. Big. HUGE.

Vaseline doesn’t like coming out of hair. I shampooed as per usual this morning, only to find that it wouldn’t shift. Not having time to get back into the shower, I liberally talc-ed my head and left for work. This resulted in my spending the day with a solid mass of hair held stiffly in place beneath a snowy white parting. NOT a good look, right? Definitely not the look I wanted to greet Dapper Chap with when we met this evening for the first time in almost a fortnight for dinner with his parents.

A bit of internet research on the keywords “how to get vaseline out of hair” threw up a few home remedies for removing the grease. Those I’ll be trying first include the liberal application of corn starch before washing, and if this doesn’t work, the rubbing in of generous amounts of peanut butter. Those I’ll be trying out of desperation include washing with cola, with lemon juice or with cider vinegar. Those I’ll be abandoning completely include washing with hard soap and shaving my head!

The moral of this story is, I guess, don’t use vaseline anywhere near your hair line. Or, don’t spend too long swimming in the sea where you can’t wear a sunhat!


6 thoughts on “Goop

  1. OUCH! I’ve burned my scalp before and it’s horrible – and because my hair is so fine my scalp is really sensitive to the sun. You poor thing! I think that vinegar is probably a good way to break down the vaseline – dilute it with some warm water. It gets out chewing gum and with vaseline I think you’re trying to break down a similar petrochemical, so maybe worth a go? x

  2. Eek, the idea of having to put peanut butter on my head is enough to keep me out of the sun forever! I hope you get it out ok, and that Dapper Chap is far too entranced by your conversation to notice!

  3. Here is Super Sugar Plum to save the day!

    Ignore every remedy – the one guaranteed to work is Fairy Liquid. Not much, and focus on the scalp area rather than the hair itself, but I promise you that one wash with a pea sized blob of that wonder wash, and your hair will be stunningly squeaky clean and you will feel like you have your waterfall mane – as you know it – back on your head!

    (I did this once after applying too much hair wax, as did my friend Sar – I promise it works, and won’t damage the hair) xxx

  4. Good luck with your hair! OUCH on the scalp burn. I have had that problem and also the freckle meshing issue. Glad you had fun on your trip.

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