Hair today…

Not entirely gone just yet, but getting much better!

So, in the spirit of sharing, I thought I’d snap some pics of some of the vaseline-removal remedies I tried on my hair this morning. That said, I actually started last night, by rubbing in a generous handful of cornflour into my hair before going to bed with my head on a towel-covered pillow.

This morning I washed out the cornflour with regular shampoo, but it still felt a little heavier than usual. So, I tried Super Sugar Plum’s Miracle Cure – fairy liquid.

I was really impressed with this – it actually lathered up really nicely, which I wasn’t expecting, and didn’t dry out my hair as I thought it would. I conditioned heavily afterwards with my usual pantene conditioner and blow dried it straight.

It’s still a little greasier than I’d like – but as someone who generally has quite thick, dry hair, it doesn’t matter so much and is probably only noticeable to me. And both Dapper and his Mum commented on how glossy my hair looked last night, so perhaps, to the untrained eye, it wasn’t actually as horrific as I thought…

As for today’s outfit, frankly I feel I’ve forgotten how to dress for British weather! Today wasn’t cold, but wasn’t hot either, hence the leggings and cardi – but it did give me a moment’s pause to put together this morning!


2 thoughts on “Hair today…

  1. *does a little dance*

    Aw yay, I am so chuffed that my suggestion worked! It is suprising it doesn’t dry out your hair isn’t it, I expected a small frizzy shrub to appear on my head, but it’s surprisingly gentle! I’m glad it helped 🙂

  2. In the past, (i.e forty years ago!) before the market was flooded with fancy shampoos and conditioners Fairy Liquid was a favourite ‘money saving’ alternative shampoo! I didn’t try it myself but I knew people who did.x

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