Pretties: Alice by Temperley Claudia stud-embellished skirt

alice temperley claudia stud skirt

Claudia stud-embellished skirt, £165 by Alice Temperly from Net-a-Porter

One of my favourite things about writing for The Fashion Police has to be the time I spend perusing websites whose contents I have no chance in a million years of being able to afford any time soon. Naturally, when I spot something like this skirt (or any single bag by Chloe) this also becomes one of my most hated things too…

Now, I’m really not a stud girl – not even a teensy bit. I personally think studs can ruin a perfectly good pair of shoes/handbag/jacket/insert clothing item of your choice here, not to mention attaching a use-by-date to some otherwise timeless pieces.

But this skirt sunk me, hook, line and sinker. It’s just SO pretty. Perhaps it’s the bow that does it. Perhaps the fact that the studs are so gold and delicate and, well, not really stud like at all. Perhaps it’s the particular shade of pink. But whatever it may be, the fact that anything with studs running through can’t possibly be comfortable to sit down in is seeming completely irrelevant right now, as is the fact that I don’t have £165 lying about…


One thought on “Pretties: Alice by Temperley Claudia stud-embellished skirt

  1. If you wait long enough it’ll probably be in the Temperley boutique at bicester village at half that price. May be a bit out of season by then though.

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